Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Clinical Depression - How Deep Brain Stimulation Can Help

Deep brain stimulation is one of the ways that anyone can use to help with many emotional problems. The psychology behind emotional scarring and depression is that the wound lies not within the physical dimension within the body, but it is reproduced within specific parts of the mind. These are where the centres of emotion, the centres of memory and subconscious lie - working together like a VCR set to loop. This is an extreme example of how the normal functions of the conscious mind and the functions of the preconscious can be disturbed to such an extent. Usually, our physical awareness is able to filter all the negative emotions and rationale thought and critical thinking is able to diffuse these feelings into broken down aspects of thought, which can be subjected to critical thought.

But there is always the problem of emotion, and emotion comes in when there is a certain amount of trauma involved. Prolonged or serious bouts of depression is caused when someone is subjected to a traumatic even or experience, which is so catastrophic that it penetrates the defences of the conscious mind, erupts the emotional stimulus within the body and implants the image and all the sharp emotions within the subconscious mind. When the subconscious mind gets such a direct and heavy bombardment of such stimuli, it will usually stick and stay for a long time. Our normal mechanisms of memory will replay the event and thus create the same emotional pain that leads to a constant state of depression. Depression is really a very serious problem and it can cause much physical deterioration.

With depression, a subject can lose interest in his or her appearance and would also refuse to eat or even drink water. Sleep doesn't come easily and malnutrition can even set in. Some cases of depression can lead to violent acts of murder and suicide, or subjects can simply just waste away with no medical explanation. The power of depression has the 'killing effect' on the body that so many doctors have recognised. Immune-response systems decrease rapidly and the bodies own natural defences simply disappear or lose their effectiveness because of the patients will to not live. While drug and therapy may help, the effects are not guaranteed and they may only bring about dangerous side effects or even overdose.

Depression will eventually lead to despair. The root of the problem lies in the subconscious and the new methods of battling depression that doctors and psychologists have been using is brain wave entrainment. What they do is they use entrainment technology, which is in essence evoking the brain into specific states so that they can either evoke feelings or happiness or even use the power of inserting positive messages into the subconscious that will eventually remove the images and feelings of depression.

The success of this technology is well documented, with reports from the U.S.A and Japan of the success of technology like autogenics, biofeedback and binaural beats in the application of the removal of mental disturbances and emotional issue problems like deep anxiety or depression. Even if you are suffering from mild depression that you cannot get rid of, this is a great way for you to use the deep brain stimulation effects of brainwave entrainment to reset yourself and have a much better outlook in life.

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