Thursday, May 29, 2014

What to Do About Depressed Children

The scope of depression is not limited to adults or grown ups. It also affects young children. Depression can be caused by several factors that usually affect one's emotion. In severe cases medical treatment are given, other resort to counseling to alleviate the feeling of emptiness.

Depression can be a manifestation of stress, anxiety, emotional deprivation and low self esteem. Children who suffer from this emotional outbreak can develop some personality disorder if left unattended. Depression may not be a contagious disease but it affects everyone. Depressed children are children who have gone through emotional turmoil.

The significant symptoms of depressed children are the feeling of loneliness, sadness, decreased of interest in activities he one's love to do, shows boredom, low level of energy and self esteem. This unusual behavioral display should not be ignored. If you suspect a student or a child who isolate himself from his classmates or his siblings, be alarmed and find out if he manifests some signs of depression. Depression can sometimes result to self inflicted pain and to some extent suicidal tendencies.

Identifying the problem would prevent future damage. Depression should be diagnosed in its early stage. If you suspect your child to be emotionally depressed you have to seek for professional advice or help. Taking anti depressant with out the doctors order can bring more harm than alleviating the child's depression. Some depressant can be addictive and many become dependent on these drugs to get away from reality. In this case the anti depressant drug becomes a risk factor for the child or patient.

Depressed children should under go some counseling if their condition doesn't require them to take some anti depressant drug. Counseling will greatly help your child in overcoming his depression. A constant communication and support could address his needs in coping his depression. Parents can also offer some help by talking to their child and encouraging him to air out his sentiments and other pent up emotion. Suicidal tendencies in adult are common and for children this can also be true. Never ignore your child's depression. Do something about it before it goes too late.

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