Thursday, May 29, 2014

Depression Hurts, Overcome Depression

Fighting depression is not always easy but here are some simple tips for coping with depression. If you have chronic depression you should seek professional help. Everybody gets depressed once in a while, you do not have to stay depressed.

Anxiety and depression are inward facing, the trick to treating depression is to focus your attention outwards.

Every morning when you wake up say, out loud, "Hello world" and smile, even if you have to fake it at first.

I start my day by looking out the window and saying "what a great day, Thank you." If it is raining and grey I might say "Watering the plants today? Thats good, I like plants".

Find an open space, park or countryside and go for a walk. I know it is hard to make yourself do anything when you are depressed but force yourself, it will get easier. Find a tree and say hello to it. Then really examine the tree, feel its bark and leaves, test the spring of its branches, give it a hug. Tell the tree it is good looking.

Look at other plants and animals and admire them, notice the way they grow and move. Let them know that they are beautiful.

Some of that may sound silly but a little silliness goes a long way towards overcoming depression.

Do not worry about what other people will think of you. They are usually stuck in their own problems and are often jealous, they wish that they could break loose.

Become curious about all of life, find things that you never noticed before. Learn something new every day. Creation is a wonderful thing, watch the birds soar, notice how plants grow even in the most unlikely places.

Do not take life seriously, some things can be important but they should not be serious. Learn to laugh at the ridiculous things that we do, learn to laugh at yourself.

People have told me that I am weird, I say "Why thank you, I would hate to be normal", they usually laugh and I laugh with them. Do not go out of your way to be weird, you will get more respect and make more friends by being your true self.

If you have a problem that seems too heavy, go out and try to convince the world how serious it is. Try to tell the stars that your problem is the end of the world, tell a tree how bad things are. Life goes on, in a week or a few months the problem is usually gone and you will wonder why you worried about it.

Live, laugh and send your love into the world, it will come back.

Learn to love yourself, you are unique. You are the best person in the world at being you. Everyone has something to offer the world, do not waste it by staying locked in, reach out. There are a lot of people out there who would love to get to know you, give them the chance.

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. Buddha

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