Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spiritual Sexuality - The Antidote For Depression

Spiritual Sexuality is an expression of our inner most desires and longings to explore intimate passion stepping into the unknown. When we allow ourselves to explore outside our "box" we feel a stirring in our belly that likens itself to nervousness even borders on fear. The kind of fear one has when taking on a challenge for the first time, skiing a difficult slope, rock climbing, or any type of competition. There is something about being on the edge that leaves no room for depression.

There are different grades of depression, major depression single episode, major depression recurrent, atypical depression: a residual category for individuals who cannot be diagnosed in the above categories. The list of depressive disorders goes on and on. I have created my own label called low-grade depression. It is like a low-grade fever. You can still go to work and carry on with your day but you feel "under the weather". Western Medicine treats these disorders with medication, antidepressants.

This therapist wants to know when was the last time you had sex? How often do you have sex? Does you masturbate and how often? More times then not a person's sex life has diminished or is non-existent. Lack of sex and intimacy is the underlying cause for disease, illness and depression. There are many reasons individuals stop having sex; from the birth of children, to a partner who is no longer interested, to a busy life style, or years of relationship where they have grown apart sexually but are still compatible in every other way.

Bottom line, it is not only a depressing situation but the individual is losing their energy and internal drive to succeed or accomplish their previous enthusiastic goals. Those who manage to keep going may do OK but far less then what they are capable of when fully functioning and using their sexuality as their catalyst life force energy.

Awakening the vital passionate energy that stimulates the hormones and heals us at a cellular level is the first step in pulling yourself out of depression. This means doing things you have never done before in any category of life (legally) but especially sexually. Breaking out of the sexual box is one of the most difficult things you will ever do. Your partner may be challenged and put up resistance. You will have to rock the boat and create what is called a " healing crises". You have to move past your own fears and discover a new world that is filled with energy. The fastest way to lift yourself out of depression is to have a fantastic love making session, breaking your normal patterns. Whatever that may look like for you, give yourself whole-heartedly to the absurd, bizarre, unconventional exploration of sacred sexuality.

The key to exploring your sexuality is to assume authority, take responsibility and be spiritually accountable for your actions. This is not license to do whatever you please but Freedom to do what you need to do to maintain your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and sexual well being responsible.
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