Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to Manage Panic Attacks Without Medication


Anxiety is a natural response to stress in our life. Your heart races due to a burst of adrenaline, your palms become sweaty, your dizzy, trembling and have a dry mouth. You might be constantly worried, have diarrhea, mood swings and can't sleep or sleep to much. You may feel fatigued, have lost your appetite or suffer from high blood pressure. These are all symptoms of anxiety.

Hope is not lost, these symptoms can be controlled with a combination of stress relief techniques. Further relief can come from dietary changes and herbal therapies which can have a serene and calming effect on your mood.

First however you need to make a trip to your doctor to rule out any underlying causes. Have your blood sugar, thyroid, and heart. Nutritional deficiency or clinical depression could also be the cause. Once these factors have been ruled out, try some of the following remedies.

Next you need to cut out as much stress as possible. Shy away from caffeine, sugar (cakes, candies, chocolate), nicotine, black tea, alcohol and drugs. Try to get plenty of rest and eat a healthy diet as described above along with the following dietary suggestions.

  • Plan well rounded small basic meals.

  • Try eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of three big meals.

  • Eat Brown rice, oats of some type of whole grain every meal.

  • Also increase your green leafy vegetables such as broccoli or lettuce, asparagus but NO SPINACH!

  • Also, soy beans, nuts, molasses, salmon, oysters, sardines, and unsweetened cultured yogurt can help keep you cool and collected.

Other stress reducers you may incorporate into your daily plan;

  • Vitamin B6- 50mg once or twice daily. All B Vitamins help with reducing stress but B6 is the most important of these.

  • Valerian- Strong nerve relaxer, when taking 300mg two or three times daily. This also helps with insomnia as well.

  • Saint-John's-Wort- Take 300mg three times daily for depression or anxiety.

  • Ashwagandha is a stress hormone reducer. 250mg extract daily.

  • Chromium 200mg two or three times a day to balance blood sugar levels.

  • Inositol- 4 grams daily to help panic attacks.

  • Chamomile and oatstraw are herbal tea flavors.

  • Fish oil is important for a lasting treatment.

Try one of these herbs for relief

  • 5-hydroxytryptophan- Do not take this in conjunction with other anxiety or depression pharmaceutical medication. Take 50 to 100mg, two to three times a day.

  • Kava- 200 to 250mg, two or three times daily of any product with up to 30% kava lactones. Do not take with other pharmaceuticals. Only take this under a doctors supervision. Can calm panic attacks and severe anxiety.

  • theanine-200mg to 250mg daily for a calming effect.

  • GABA- 500mg two or three times daily for calming effect.

  • Calcium and Magnesium- take 500mg calcium and 250mg magnesium twice daily. For calming the nervous system.

  • Passionflower- 250mg two or three times daily. This relaxes the nervous system and is gentle enough to take during the day.

You may also try the remedy from this list that best suit your symptoms: If you have not gotten any relief after 3 days, stop that one and try another. Only take one of these remedies at a time. Take 2 pellets or 30C twice daily to prevent or reduce anxiety. For a panic attack or acute anxiety you may take this same dosage for up to 6 times every fifteen minutes or until symptoms subside.

  • Aconitum Napellus- for acute panic attacks that make you feel like you will die. You are experiencing heart palpitations and shortness of breath.

  • Calcarea- You are generally chilly and tire easily and feel overwhelmed.

  • Gelsemium- Fear of being in a crowd that is accompanied by diarrhea.

  • Ignatia- You may have suffered an emotional trauma and feel moody.

  • Kali Phosphoricum- For general anxiety, poor memory and fatigue. Take 6x potency, three times daily.

  • Lycopodim for stage fright or social anxiety

  • Pulsatilla- Scared of being alone.

Although these are all remedies you may try to help reduce your panic attacks and anxiety, it will not cure the underlying cause of your attacks.

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