Sunday, May 25, 2014

How To Stop Being So Hyper

Many people at one time or another get hyper. This is where you have tons of energy that is not really directed in one place. You might feel giddy and anxious inside at the same time. You tend to act a bit differently than your normal self. At times this happens quite often and you might not like it. Find out what you need to do to stop being so hyper so that you can relax.

First of all, you need to watch what you are eating. There are certain things that will make you feel more hyper than you normally would be if you avoided these. You need to start avoiding sugars and caffeine. These will both make you hyper. Don't have soda, coffee, or sweets before going out else you are going to be very hyper.

Learn what you are anxious about. Sometimes you have an anxiety problem or something is bothering you. Being hyper is a way of covering up what you are feeling. Deal with these nervous feelings and you will be less hyper.

Slow down. Before saying anything or reacting, you need to take a pause. Being hyper is shown when you are reacting completely. If you slow down, things will be better for you.

Become more comfortable with those you are around. When you are comfortable with others, you will have less anxiety. You won't have to be hyper to cover up for feeling uncomfortable.

Exercise more. Many times you have this excessive nervous energy. When you exercise, you have a place to direct this energy.

Get more sleep or less sleep. When you have too much sleep, you will have this extra energy that sometimes will cause you to be hyper. When you lack sleep, you will be more giddy which will make you act this way. Get proper sleep.

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