Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mild Depression Symptoms - Early Warning Signs That You Have to Know

Clara M. started to feel sad more often. She realized that it wasn't so easy any more to get herself out of the 'blues'. Perhaps she began to feel early mild depression symptoms.

While most of us go through times in life that make us feel low, depression is a completely different story. Depression may come in different degrees ranging from mild to severe. It's crucial to spot these mild symptoms of depression before it becomes full blown.

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Actually, Clara M. suffered from mild depression, and was still able to do normal activities and function effectively. Unlike having severe depression, Clara's mild depression symptoms were subtle such as lack of energy, less interest in things she normally liked to do, slight changes in mood and behavior and some changes in eating habits.

These early warning signs might feel as if Clara just had a 'bad day'. The changes might even go unnoticed by colleagues or family members, thinking that maybe she was just stressed from work or school. She might even think that she had just a hard time at work so she felt a bit 'off'.

The thing common in most depressed people is denial. If Clara would be confronted with the fact that she has got mild depression, she might not like to look truth in the eyes. Clara may become one of these depressed people who cover up their condition and resort to an unhealthy life style in order to cope with her mild depression symptoms. Overeating, working overtime, alcohol consumption and drug abuse are just some that come into mind.

Mild depression is also associated with being detached from thoughts and feeling. People don't want to be made aware of their current altered state. Clara might get upset about this feeling of incapability to restore things to the 'way they used to be'. Even if she wants to change it, she feels too tired to make those changes and falls even deeper into depression.

Progression of mild depression may lead to a more severe state. These symptoms may go on for days to months and slowly escalate to more drastic changes. Changes may occur that include neglect of personal hygiene, inability to focus on work or studies, giving up important relationships, distorted thought patterns, and delusions.

Depression symptoms may vary from person to person. Also Clara M. has to accept the fact that she is depressed, and that she has to look for the root cause for her depression.

Don't prolong your agony and live miserably! Get your life back in order now before it is too late.

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