Friday, May 30, 2014

Cure Against Depression and Low Self Confidence

Depression strikes most of us and it can make us paralysed.
It is essential that we do not let it get too much
influence on our lives.

Cure against depression

Practice this cure on a day off.

* Have a healthy and balanced breakfast in your dressing

* Take a warm shower or sauna.

* Rub your skin with body lotion and your feet with foot

* Put on some comfortable clothes.

* Go for a long walk.

* When you come back home, make yourself a cup of hot tea
on St. John's Wort, rosemary or lavender.

* Make yourself comfortable in your favourite armchair.

* Read a good book or magazine.

* Listen to your favourite music. (It should be cheerful)

* Make sure you are warm. Slippers and a blanket may come

* Be sure to have fresh air in the room. Take some
deep breaths to fill your lungs.

Great self confidence can be learned

You can learn how to be confident about who you are and what
you can do. You can learn how to tolerate uncertainty and be
confident with not knowing what is going to happen.

Some tips:

* Write down your positive achievements, all that you can
remember; educations, jobs, loves and relationships (even if
they ended, you still achieved them), friendships, children,
driving licence... Look at what you already have and realize
you have done rather well.

* Write down good things that others have said about you.
Read through old documents from former employers or teachers
that state all your strong sides. Maybe you forgot you had them?

* Make plans. Ask yourself what can be done. What can you
change to make things better? Write down precise goals and
write a step-by-step plan on how you intend to achieve your

*Decision. Make a decision that tomorrow you will start
dealing with the first step of your plan.

When you read what you have written you will realize that
you have grown and developed over the years. That also means
that you can grow and develop further.

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