Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Deeper Wound by Depak Chopra - Book Review (Harmony Books, 2001)

In a Nutshelll: The emotional scaring of the 9/11 attacks on America ignited the deep seeded fear of safety for our lives which in turn sparked the even deeper seeded emotion of tribal warfare: an eye for an eye mentality that seems to repeat itself in our human history. Chopra takes us on a journey of the soul, finding peace within ourselves from death and the need to understand the "why" behind tragedy that befalls all of us in our lives. In the second half of, The Deeper Wound, Chopra gives us 100 days of healing affirmations to soothe the mind and spirit.

Why Buy This Book: If you have any issues with anger management or the inability to forgive whether it is with a single person, a culture or nation, then you will benefit greatly from the words and exercises Chopra has compiled here. If you're not comfortable with the idea of your death, then The Deeper Wound will provide love and encouragement to accept the inevitable. This book will also help you relieve the feelings of suffering and victimization that hold us back from conscious spiritual and emotional growth.

Why Not Buy This Book: If you are deeply spiritual and can forgive people for the wrongs of the past or if you have accepted death as part of this incarnation, you might not find much new information from this book. The Deeper Wound is designed for those whose souls or spirits need healing either from long suffering limiting thoughts or past actions that have locked us into an emotional holding pattern. If you regularly meditate, commune with your Inner Self and can look lovingly on all of God's creatures with compassion, then you might want to pass on this book.

Why I recommend this book: Moving forward in conscious spiritual and emotional growth is unique to the human experience. We go through life learning that we have ourselves, our emotions and others. There is a balance to find with all three. Our egos tend to get in the way and we attach ourselves to emotions of pride, fear and the need to control others. Perhaps in small doses these emotions can be catalysts, they tend to hold us back from attaining a higher level of inner peace and love. Emotional wounds are like shrapnel, they can be minuscule and deeply embedded within our minds, without knowing how they are daily detriments to our innate joy.

I especially recommend this book for anyone looking to heal from a wound caused by another person, such as a parent or ex-lover who deeply hurt us. If you hold any anger within you, then this is a must read. Anger is like cancer, it reproduces by living off healthy cells. The more it is fed, the faster it spreads affecting other areas of the body and mind. It leaves nothing but death and destruction in its wake. The Deeper Wound is a gentle and loving way of creating an inner world of peace and love. If you fill your spirit with peace and love, then you will have only peace and love to give away.

I also recommend this book for anyone looking to be a positive force in changing the world for betterment. As Chopra quotes in the preface, A principle of physics states "When an electron vibrates, the whole world shakes." Let us then, you and I, be those electrons that vibrate at the level of consciousness to bring peace, harmony, joy and love to the world. Let this be call to action.

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