Monday, March 10, 2014

Why Do I Feel Hopeless - This is Why!

Are you constantly wondering why do I feel hopeless? Have you considered that the problem may not be so much with you but with the food you've been eating? You see many people around the world, especially in North America suffer from depression, anxiety and emotional imbalances. The reality however is that for most cases in as much as 95% of times the individual would feel significantly better if they made a few dietary changes. I'll explain below why this is as well as 2 other reasons why you might be feeling hopeless.

You are what you eat! 3 Reasons Why you might be feeling hopeless!

Diet - Did you know that what you eat has everything to do with how you feel emotionally? In fact people who eat a diet of high quality whole foods which are nutritionally rich have been proven to have a happier disposition in general over those who eat the SAD or Standard North American Diet. You may not have thought of it, but try changing the way you eat and you might find at the very least that you're able to at least focus your mind onto a path to happiness.

Deficiencies - Relating to the point above if you're deficient in B Vitamins for example you will almost always feel somewhat lethargic and depressed, its proven. If you have specific mineral deficiencies you can experience health symptoms which can as a result make you feel depressed and hopeless.

Lack of Passion - A major reason people feel hopeless is often because they're missing a passion in their life. If your diet is great, you don't have nutritional deficiencies yet you still feel hopeless then its entirely possible that you just need to figure out what you're passionate about in life and move towards it.

If remaining in your situation is keeping you hopeless get out of it. Remember everything comes from within, surroundings can only do so much, you attract into your life what you put out and if you put out hopelessness then you'll attract it into your life. You need to be conscious of your thoughts and focus only on what you want and nothing else, constantly focusing on worries and what's wrong will only increase your perception and often the reality of your circumstances. No one but you can make you feel a certain way.

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