Sunday, March 9, 2014

7 Ways to Get More Energy, Get More Done & Make More Money

Today, more than ever, people ask me how they can boost their energy levels safely. Lack of energy seems to be somewhat of a plague. Why is that? Your energy levels are actually affected by more than you realize. When you have no energy, nothing gets done, no one is happy, and the money train can come to a halt. Let's see what we can do to remedy that, but first let me remind you that these recommendations in no way constitute medical advice. Ready?

1.Be mindful of your mindset: Many of us live in a state of constant overwhelm. When your mind is in overdrive just trying to keep up with the unending list you give it minute by minute, it is bound to wear out. This will most certainly show up in a physical manifestation of no energy. Just as you must give your body the downtime after a physical workout, you must do the same for your mind. How do you turn around the constant barrage of tasks and unrealistic expectations of the mind?

  • Meditate, pray, sit in silence, reflect daily

2. Make lists of what needs to get done daily

  • Make lists of weekly goals o Make these goals visual o Focus only on the items on your daily goals and mark them off one by one - this naturally overflows to your weekly goals

Even crossing off just one "to do" is a big "to do." And you feel it.

3. If this is a challenge for you, try adding this herbal companion: gota kola - Helps memory and brain fatigue. This herb improves focus and when combined with cayenne & ginseng makes an excellent energy tonic. Gota kola contains vitamin K to help reduce signs of aging (like mental fatigue contributes to aging?!) and many of the B vitamins which are crucial to our ability to handle stress.

4. Turn depression around. Depression is another thief of energy. But please, seek medical advice if you are feeling the symptoms of serious depression. Today, I'm talking about mild depression or lack of motivation. Often this is turned around by a small success. Build a toolbox that includes all the great songs, movies, books, pictures, and quotes that lift you up and whip it out! If that doesn't help, try ginkgo biloba. This mighty herb can improve circulation to the brain and help ease mild depression.

5. Avoid certain music and even news/television. Turn off the tube! The news is rarely helpful in boosting one's mindset, so don't engage in it. If you need specific news facts, they are easily found in the newspaper or on the internet. Better yet, ask the next person that walks by - they are sure to know what is going on. Become aware of how different kinds of music affect you and avoid the ones that stir aggression on those days when you are feeling down.

6. Deal with your stress! We are facing more stress than we have as a society in a long time. Nourish the parts of your body that enable you to deal with stress. Your adrenal glands are meant to delegate stress in the body and also get you through menopause or andropause. Many of us have exhausted these glands by the time we reach this phase. If a woman has healthy adrenal glands, she should not experience menopause symptoms at all! Really. Decrease foods and beverages that tax the adrenals: caffeine, sugar, alcohol, etc.

7. Add in herbs that help support and nourish your adrenals. Try ginseng, rhodiola rosea, or schizandra berries. Siberian Ginseng (not panax - this is different) is an amazing herb that helps support your adrenals by acting as a sort of buffer. Siberian Ginseng can also:

  • Boost energy o Work as an antiviral

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Improve physical and mental performance

  • Shorten recovery time after physical stress or mental stress

  • Improve sexual function

  • Buffers the adrenal glands, increasing stress resistance

Rhodiola rosea helps regulate adrenal glands if they are not producing enough cortisol, such as in the case with Fibromyalgia. Rhodiola rosea supports a healthy response to mental, physical, and emotional stress.

Schizandra is yet another combatant of energy thievery. These berries help protect the adrenals from being over stimulated. This herb is especially helpful for those who are over stressed and have inadequate sleep. That wouldn't be you would it?

Now you have 7 whopping ways to naturally increase your energy and combat those sneaky energy thieves. Think of this as your energy entourage. Boosting your energy means more gets done with power and focus - boosting your bucks! Here's one more suggestion - my Bonus Booster: Blend the following herbs in equal parts and make into iced tea. Make a large enough quantity to last for a few days. Add agave nectar if you like, a few slices of fresh fruit and you've got it!

Michelle's Iced Energy Elixir...sure to rev your engines.

1 part red raspberry leaf
1 part ginkgo biloba
1 part gota kola
1 part Siberian ginseng
1 part peppermint

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