Friday, March 14, 2014

Depression - Sad? Get a Hobby

When we have too much time for ourselves different thoughts would bombard us, and most of the time the thoughts that would dominate are negative thoughts, mainly because its memories of negative traumatic events that would stick with us for a long time.

For this reason, experts agree that distractions from destructive thoughts could help prevent depression triggers and decrease the chances of experiencing this destructive condition.

Hobbies are an effective distraction. It keeps the mind busy while giving a feeling of satisfaction, especially when you start seeing the output of your efforts. Here are a few hobbies that are easy to learn, cheap, and an effective way of killing time:

Scrapbooking is a practice that dates back to the cavemen, or at least that's what most people would say of the drawings and accounts written all over cave walls. Fortunately, with the availability of materials it is easier to compile memories in pages of a book sans the danger of falling from a cave's ceiling. You can use an old phonebook or used notebook as your album, and then you could paste photographs, recipes, quotes, or trinkets that would represent a wonderful memory that you want to keep. Scrapbooking is therapeutic as it encourages you to compile good memories and allows you to hone your creativity, stimulating your brain cells.

Learn photography. Photography is an emerging art that is gaining recognition across the art world. It is an opportunity for those who may be challenged when it comes to using a brush on canvass but has the eye of a painter knowing a good composition from an ordinary one. Photography is also an opportunity for you to explore the outdoors in search for a wonderful subject. More importantly, it allows you to appreciate beauty and see ordinary things and events with a new perspective.

Stamp and coin collecting. Collecting is one of the easiest hobbies known to man, but the challenge can be exhilarating. Looking for an item that would complete your collection can be a bit of a challenge. Philately, or stamp collecting, can prove to be very challenging, especially these days when snail mail are becoming obsolete with the advent of technology and the fast changing world of communications and correspondence. Other interesting items to collect are coins and currencies, shells, model cars or vehicles, comic books, and movies.

Painting and art. If you want to learn a new skill, painting or other forms of visual art like sculpture and pottery can be very stimulating. It serves as an avenue for you to vent your frustrations while stimulating your creative juices. It helps you to transform your frustrations into beautiful creations that would eventually cheer you up. Other art forms that can be explored include music, dance, the written word, and performance art.

Stitching and crocheting. Having too much time on your hands allows for disturbing thoughts to sneak into your mind. Instead of sulking and spending too much time thinking about the past, train your hands to create beautiful and usable items by learning the art of stitching or crocheting.

Being busy with productive activities allows you to take your mind away from worrisome thoughts. Hobbies are one way of keeping yourself busy, choose one now and experience the wonder of learning a new skill.

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