Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Depression, Panic Attacks and Kundalini Energy

Hectic lifestyles and a propensity towards diseases have given rise to cases of severe depression and panic attacks. While medicinal treatment as well as therapy is used mostly to alleviate the negative impacts and effects of these ailments, recent studies have shown that using the Indian concept of Kundalini healing can help to cure these psychological ailments permanently.

Let us begin by examining what the two interrelated illnesses of depression and anxiety signify. Studies have shown that panic attacks and accompanying depression are the most widespread psychological problems as they can manifest due to a number of reasons and can be triggered off by various factors that we encounter in daily life. Regular stressors such as traffic jams, financial worries and arguments can create a tendency towards these ailments.

According to medical data, people who are prone to anxiety have a core biological susceptibility that increases the risks. Anxiety follows a defined path. People develop a fear of a certain situation or encounter which causes them to have calamitous thoughts regarding the same. These negative thoughts continue to expand until the individual is rendered almost helpless by the fear.

Consequently, the individual tries to avoid that situation and over time, the avoidance actions as well as multiple physical symptoms of the stress become aggravated and develop into a chronic illness.

Anxiety is known to often be by accompanied by depression. Depression can be understood to be chronic levels of feelings of sadness, helplessness, hopelessness, distress and despair. The effects can cause a problem in every aspect of life, be it personal, social or professional.

The symptoms of anxiety and depression include trembling, sweating, heart palpitations, and dizziness. Breathing problems, stomach ailments and chest pains and discomfort too indicate the onset of an anxiety attack.

It is important to understand that the effects of anxiety disorders and depression, such as anger, disinterest, fear and despair also work to cause more of the same illness, thus transforming into both causes and effects.

The ailments form a vicious cycle and give rise to other lifestyle problems such as malnutrition, stress and inefficiency. Seeing as to how these illnesses can damage an individual's life in a variety of spheres, ranging from mental and emotional to social and professional, it is imperative to be able to cure them effectively.

As mentioned earlier, while medicines and therapy do help, the Kundalini form of treatment has gained much recognition and appreciation of late. While it is an extremely popular phenomenon, the method is still gaining recognition.

Let us study the concept and how it can be used to cure depression and anxiety related health issues. The term "Kundalini" is a Sanskrit word that can be literally translated to mean "coiled". It refers to a certain intuitive, subconscious, and often inherent life force that is visualized to lie coiled or curled at the base of the spine in one's body.

According to lore, the Kundalini force is to be visualized in the form of a sleeping serpent or a goddess that rests coiled at the base of the spine.

It is believed that this life force or power can be awakened as needed to combat various illnesses of the heart, mind, soul and body. By description, the Kundalini energy force is said to constitute a part of the "subtle body" covert, almost hidden components that one is not consciously aware of but can delve into, should the need arise.

It is believed that the Kundalini energy force falls into the category of bodily energy points such as the various Nadis (channels of energy) and the Chakras (the centers of energy) that are used in Yoga, Tantra, Chinese Acupuncture and other forms of alternate medicine and healing. The Chakras are all said to possess unique properties and special healing powers that can be used to overcome health problems and ensure a healthy and wholesome way of living.

The use of Kundalini techniques implies awakening this sleeping energy by the means of methods of breathing, physical exercises, chanting, visualization techniques and following a life of ascetics. The Kundalini energy is said to then travel upwards from the spine to the head, where it strengthens the mind by bringing in a state of psychological illumination and enlightenment.

Let us now study how Kundalini energy is to be used to cure depression and anxiety. It is believed that the depression is caused by confines or injured areas of the brain which could have been caused due to some arrested development.

These damaged areas are referred to as the Miasmas and it is believed that they have been caused due to some stressful factor and have been further augmented due to prolonged stress. One of the practices advised in order to be able to cure the depression is to spend significant amounts of time in the sun. It is believed that sunbathing along with sun gazing helps to lift the spirit, release the Kundalini energy and overcome the state of mental fugue that clouds the spirit and dampens hope.

Depression is also said to be caused by deficits in serotonergic levels and exhaustion of the noradrenalin adrenergic receptors. This also causes excess secretion of the hormone aldosterone which has sodium retaining properties, causing salt and fluid retain in the body. Regular exercises and intensive Yoga are to be practiced daily in natural environments in order to be able to overcome these effects of depression.

Greenery and fresh air are imperative during Yoga as they help to clear the mind and air the body, thus also lifting the spirit and battling negative thought processes.

It is said that this exercise serves as a form of movement therapy induces rehabilitation of the brain by creating new brain cells that form healthy neural connections and do away with the prior ailing ones.

This awakening of the Kundalini energy must be accompanied by a healthy and happy environment which comprises of strong emotional bonds of love, caring and mutual trust because a happy and content frame of mind is required before being able to tackle serious problems of the brain.

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