Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Importance of a Positive Attitude in All Aspects of Your Life

Your attitude determines your success in EVERY facet of your life...this isn't just some woo-woo hocus pocus that applies only to home-based business. With the proper attitude, you will be successful in your career, your business, your relationships with your family members and friends, your hobbies, and everything else that you do.

Let's have some definitions. These are just my beliefs, so don't take them as gospel. A LOSER is someone who is unhappy with their life, but isn't taking serious action to improve it. This is the person who complains about their problems, but doesn't do anything about them. They focus on their problems, not solutions, on the negative, not the things they are blessed with. I recommend avoiding having any dealings with people like this, because they will drag you down with them. Negativity is contagious, and is the CAUSE of failure, not the result.

A WINNER is someone who is a positive-thinking, can-do type of person with ambition and initiative. Winners are confronted with just as many problems in life as losers, but the difference is when a problem arises, a winner will take stock of the situation, put in place a plan for overcoming the problem, and IMPLEMENT their plan to deal with it. Most importantly, a winner is someone who is happy and counts themself blessed for all of the gifts he or she has, that 85% of the world's population does not. ie health, food, shelter, loved ones, a little money in your wallet or the bank, etc.

Now my definitions are NOT wealth-based. A lowly janitor who has a second job, a handyman business on the side, and puts his extra income from his second job into securities or real estate is a winner. On the other hand, a millionaire who inherited his vast assets and is railing and moaning as he watches their value dwindle in the wake of economic recession is a loser.

Why? I mean, the millionaire's GARDENERS make more money than the janitor, right, even WITH his second business? But the janitor is taking massive action to improve his lot in life, and build up his assets with the goal of retiring. He goes to sleep every night tired but happy, because he knows he is doing his very best to improve his life and break the cycle of poverty he was born into. The millionaire is doing nothing to deal with his problems, and is just complaining about them and sinking into depression faster than the economy.

When you have a positive attitude, the problems life throws at you seem so minor. The sky is the limit for you, because you believe strongly in yourself and your ability to handle whatever comes along. So when you encounter a hurdle, you come up with a plan to deal with it, and you then act upon it. You may not always succeed...after all, even winners fail, but they rise up from whatever goes wrong and turn adversity into opportunity.

I have strived to maintain this attitude and mindset my entire life. It won me a position as an executive, the Director for a $13 million business unit, at a young age! To date, I am a Finance executive for my day job, and I also have multiple successful business endeavors. I have a wonderful family, a nice home and vehicle, and too many blessings to count.

I'm not pointing those things out to boast, just to show how much of an effect a positive can-do attitude has had on my life...I don't allow problems to stop me, I am ambitious and not afraid to take risks, and as a perfectionist, whenever there is something in my life that I am not satisified with, I actually DO SOMETHING about it, rather than just bemoan my fate. Those who I have attracted as friends are like that too, and I avoid negativity, pessimists and other such bad influences.

In closing, if you want to change your life and fortunes, you have to first think like a winner, then take action to translate your thoughts into reality. It never, ever works the other way around...you can't have success THEN have a positive attitude.

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