Wednesday, March 12, 2014

An Essential Depression Self Help Secret

Depression self help is absolutely essential to being free of depression. Even if you're taking antidepressants or are getting psychiatric care or therapy, if you don't practice self help, you won't enjoy the full recovery you deserve.

Here's a depression self help secret you can use to make depression a part of your past, not your future:

One of the fastest ways to get yourself into a state of anxiety or depression is to get lost in what I call the Valley of Overwhelmed. The Valley of Overwhelmed is also a place of stress and a place where confidence and self esteem have a tendency to disappear. The combination of stress and lack of confidence and low self esteem is a sure recipe for depression.

I spent over twenty years dealing with recurring severe depression and anxiety, and I always thought that when depression or anxiety hit me, it came out of nowhere. I was wrong.

I've since learned that depression, even what's known as clinical depression and even bipolar depression, and all forms of anxiety start with a thought. Yes, a thought.

Knowing this secret is the most important depression self help information in the world! In fact, I believe depression self help and other depression treatments will fail you if you don't know and act on this secret.

Now, before you get all excited, know that I'm not saying that these conditions aren't chemical. Because they are.

But that chemical reaction in your body doesn't come out of nowhere. It starts with a thought.

You do know that your mind and your body are connected, right?

Of course you do.

So here's how the Valley of Overwhelmed triggers depression.

When you have many problems or you have a lot to do or you have a lot to learn, it's easy to start feeling like it's too much. You have too much to do, too much not to do, too much to remember, too much to take on. The feeling that you can't handle what you need to handle is an incredibly paralyzing feeling.

It creates a thought of "Why bother? It's too much." Or "It's too scary." It's these thoughts that then trigger depression and anxiety.

So what can you do?

Here's the depression self help steps to healing that you must know:

First, make a decision. Commit to doing one thing to move yourself forward.

Second, take action. Do that one thing.

Third, keep your focus on your outcome, what you expect to have happen. Be clear about what you know you get to have.

Staying focused on your outcome and staying in action can keep you out of the Land of Overwhelmed. And staying out of the Land of Overwhelmed is the best depression self help you can give yourself.

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