Sunday, March 9, 2014

Obtain Disability Tax Credits for Depression

Inability to perform one's own duties or to earn one's own living is called disability. Various types of disabilities fall under the main categories of physical disability and mental disability. Physical disability can occur due to accidents at work places, accidents caused during travel or due to sudden illness such as paralysis. Mental disability can occur due to sudden mental shocks and various diseases such as Alzheimer's disease that affect brain functioning.

Causes of disability can be classified as Perinatal (infections, premature infants, drugs during delivery and labor and oxygen deprivation), Prenatal (environmental causes such as alcohol, drugs, external agents, infections and maternal nutrition; maternal stress, Rh factor, genes, mother's age, maternal diseases and chromosomal) and childhood (childhood diseases, injuries, environmental causes and Rh factor). The known reasons for disabilities include environmental, socio cultural, constitutional, or biomedical factors.

Depression can be caused due to sudden death of a loved one, loss of job and divorce. People return to normal life after some days. If these conditions are prolonged, it may lead to clinical depression. The persons suffering from depression will not be able to perform their daily tasks. Clinical depression includes dysthymia, seasonal depression, major depression, and bipolar disorder.

Symptoms of depression include insomnia, loss of libido, suicidal thoughts, forgetfulness or loss of concentration, lack of stamina, weight loss, tiredness, lack of energy, reduction in appetite, irritability, tension and anxiety, low self esteem, helplessness and guilt, unresponsive to current events, tearfulness and low mood. People suffering from depression show low appetite towards food. Some persons, who suffer from depression, eat lot of food to get relief from stress. Such persons gain more weight. Eating disorder is one of the symptoms of depression.

Complications of major depression include substance abuse, suicidal behavior, and lower self-respect. It can lead to mental illness. Sleep disorders and weight fluctuations come under physical depression. Mental complications include suicidal behavior, lower self-respect, loneliness and self injury. Among these depression complications, suicidal behavior is the most dangerous one. It is serious form of self-injury and cannot be reversed. It is necessary to carefully identify persons suffering from depression and treat them.

People suffering from depression in Canada can approach Canadian Disability Corporation (CDC) to file for disability tax credits. The professionals at CDC examine the symptoms and reasons carefully and recommend for disability tax credits to the eligible persons. It helps persons suffering from depression to pay at least part of their treatment bills.

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