Monday, March 3, 2014

What to Take For Depression - Prescription Drugs Or Natural Medicine?

If you're wondering what to take for depression: natural medicine or prescription drugs, this article will help you decide which is the best choice for you. You will also learn some practical tips for helping you feel better about your life.

When most people think about treating depression, they think about prescription drugs. This is because pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars every year on advertising. While prescription drugs may be the preferred treatment of doctors in the United States, other countries with more progressive health and prevention programs, like Germany, consider natural medicines the number one treatment. In fact, when you consider that natural remedies have been used for centuries and antidepressants for less than 50 years, prescription drugs are really the new kids on the block.

When considering what to take for depression, it's important to understand that while drugs do suppress the symptoms of anxiety and depression, they are not a cure. While drugs work for some people, they do not work for others. In fact, some drugs can make symptoms worse due to their side effects. Although the side effects will vary with drug that you take, some common ones include weight gain, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. The bottom line is that some people can tolerate side effects better than others.

Although many people do fine on prescription medications, others are concerned about the long term implications of taking these drugs. Although pharmaceutical companies know that they work well in some cases, even they aren't sure about their long term effect on the brain and whether they contribute to decline in brain function.

By contrast, natural remedies have been used by countless generations since the time of Socrates. In this regard, they have certainly stood the test of time. Made from natural herbs that have been proven to treat depression, like St. John's Wort and Passion Flower, they elevate mood and create motivation by increasing the production of serotonin and dopamine. Most people can use these natural supplements without side effects which makes them an excellent solution to the question what to take for depression. Unlike drugs, they have no worries about addiction or implications for long term use.

What to Take For Depression: A Prescription for Good Food and Exercise

In fact, after taking them for a few weeks (like drugs, they do take some time to build up in the system), you will start to feel better, so you can make some small changes that will enhance your mood even more. Since it's easier to make changes when you feel good and are motivated to make improvements to your life, this is a good strategy for lifting yourself permanently out of depression. The first change is to make simple substitutions in your diet. If you have been eating a lot of sugar or processed food, substitute healthy food slowly over time. For instance, instead of having a big bag of chips, have some fresh crunchy celery sticks with sea salt. Instead of having a bowl of ice cream, choose a bowl of fresh berries in season with a big dollop of fresh whipped cream. As you eat better, good food will enhance the action of the natural remedy and will be ready for the next step in this simple program.

Of course the final answer in what to take for depression is to make sure that you get daily exercise. This is not the no-pain-no-gain type of exercise, but movement that you enjoy, that makes you feel good to be in your body. When nobody is home, turn on your favorite tunes and dance to your heart's content. Or take your dog for a brisk walk around the block, enjoying the natural beauty, sounds and smells of the world around you. Make exercise into a sensual experience and you will look forward to it every day.

So there you have it, your answer for what to take for depression: a natural supplement that lifts your mood without drugging you, good food and daily exercise. What could be simpler, more practical and easier than that? Get your life back and get started today.

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