Friday, March 7, 2014

Bipolar Affective Disorder - Four Treatment Options For Manic Depression

Bipolar affective disorder is more commonly known as manic depression, or simply bipolar disorder. Characterized by bouts of deep depression intermixed with excited periods of mania, and all forms of moods in between, bipolar affective disorder is the most persistent and serious mental illness. So what areas of treatment are available to those with this illness?

1.) Pharmaceutical Drugs

Psychiatrists love to write prescriptions for pills, and for good reason, as many times these drugs work. From older drugs like Lithium to newer medications like Seroquel and Effexor, there are well over fifty possible meds for bipolar affective disorder. Oftentimes, a combination of drugs will be used in order to control the side effects of a primary medication.

2.) Natural Medications

The omega-3 in fish oils has been shown to improve the symptoms of bipolar disorder, and even to eliminate them completely in milder forms of bipolar II. Light therapy using full spectrum lighting can ward off the winter blues.

3.) Therapy

Everyone has felt like punching another person, perhaps on a daily basis, but we also learn to control our baser impulses. If everyone did whatever they felt like, society would collapse in short order. Behavioral therapy can teach those with bipolar disorder to control their impulses.

4.) Diet

Most people have food allergies, and they don't even know it. These allergies can become especially acute in those with bipolar disorder. Did you know that the glutamate, also called BHT, in taco seasoning packages can make someone manic? A person with bipolar disorder should watch what they eat, carefully cutting items out of their diet and noting their effect on moods.

Cutting out sugar, caffeine, and processed foods can work wonders for anyone's mood. As well, it goes without saying that hard drugs and alcohol are off limits.

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