Saturday, March 8, 2014

Turn Your Relationship Luck Around - 9 Warning Signs of Depression

Some of the entrepreneurs and solopreneurs that I have facilitated over the last 14 years are not aware of the warning signs of depression. As a result their dream of a happy relationship can quickly evaporate into sadness because an incident in their lives triggers them to see their future as negative and a big black hole.

However, there are many tips and ideas that not only make you aware of your situation but make you dream of a happy relationship a reality. Here's the good news: I am here to reveal to you nine warning sign of depression.

#1: Depression is something that nearly everyone faces at some point in a busy lifetime. Normal sadness can turn into depression and it is often normal to feel sad.

#2: You may feel sad when a friend or loved one dies, you are forced to move to another site, start a new job or attend a new school.

How is sadness related to depression?

#3: You may become sad when someone you care about disappoints you or if you do something that is a disappointment to someone you love.

#4: There are many causes of sadness. Sadness is not depression although it can easily slide into depression. Depression is defined as a "down" or sad feeling that lasts longer than two weeks.

#5: Sadness passes with time; usually it goes away without treatment. If you slide into depression from sadness, it takes a lot more work to pull out of a depressive state.

So what is the cause of depression?

#6: What causes depression in you may be different from your neighbor or best friend. Depression is hard to diagnose because many times a person does not show any physical signs of depression.

#7: A person who has learned at a young age not to display emotions can hide depression well into their adult years

Are the symptoms of depression the same for each individual?

#8: Depression symptoms are also different for every individual. One person may have trouble sleeping; the next person may feel the urge to sleep all the time. Another person may feel the need to take a bath or shower several times a day to relieve depression symptoms.

#9: Eating habits can change and be different for each person. Some people have their own "comfort" foods to help ease the symptoms of depression.

It can be chocolate, pastries, or that greasy burger from your favorite fast-food restaurant! Maybe your depression causes you to lose all interest in food.

No matter how long you have been in a relationship, chances are you are not aware of the warning signs of depression. The good news: So pick the sign you need from the ones I outlined above to solve your problem and insure your healthy and happy life style.

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