Friday, March 7, 2014

Antidepressant Foods, and Their Help With Depression

Eating foods you like can improve your mood, at least for a short period of time.

So why not try out some foods that are useful in dealing with depression? According to a study by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, there are some foods that are closely associated with offsetting depression symptoms. Here are some of the best foods to improve your mood:

1. Carbohydrates

Both whole grains and fruits have serotonin, which induces a state of wellness and relaxation.

2. Bananas

They contain a substance called tryptophan which has the ability to stimulate the release of serotonin, which improves your mood.

3. Raw sunflower seeds

They are very rich in folic acid and magnesium, both with significant effects in changing bad moods that you may face. Due to the high content of vitamins and minerals, sunflower seeds helps relieve stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression.

4. Raw Nuts

They contain two essential ingredients (omega-3 fatty acids and uridine) which together provide the most powerful antidepressant medicine, according to a study by Harvard University and published in Biological Psychology.

5. Dark chocolate

The requirement is that the chocolate you eat has more than 70% cocoa -- many of the less expensive chocolates don't have this high of a percentage. However almost all the ingredients of a chocolate bar will provide a little help in improving your mood: sugar, fats, caffeine, phenylethylamine, theobromine and tryptophan.

Overweight and obesity are fast becoming an epidemic and a major health problem worldwide - these conditions may also contribute to bad moods and depression. The increase in obesity is associated with many problems related to food, of which the most serious are: diabetes, heart disease, stroke, hypertension and some forms of cancer, draws attention the World Health Organization.

Our body needs some essential elements in order to function within normal parameters: protein, carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals, Omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, water sports and relaxation, lists.

To operate at maximum capacity, and thereby helping avoid depression, your body needs:

1. Proteins. They are necessary for forming and maintaining muscle mass.

2. Carbs. Main source of energy.

3. Unsaturated fats. Make your heart healthy.

4. Vitamins and minerals necessary for growth and harmonious development.

5. Omega 3 fatty acids are important for heart health, brain, eyes, skin, joints, hair and the immune system.

6. The fibers are recommended for easy digestion.

Also, the body needs water for hydration and exercise and relaxation.

To help combat depression, while also staying away from the negative things that an overweight condition can bring, the right balance of healthy foods and the antidepressant foods discussed above is needed.

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