Saturday, March 8, 2014

Effects of Using Amphetamines and Marijuana Drugs on a Teen's Health

Drug abuse among teenagers poses a serious threat to the health of the teenager that is in developmental stage. Teenage drug abuse can have negative implications on social, academic, and family relationships of the teenager. Amphetamines and Marijuana are the commonly abused drugs by Teenagers. Amphetamine abuse can have severe health effects like decreased appetite, dilated pupils, increased heart rate and blood pressure etc. However, abuse of Marijuana, a popular drug among teenagers, can cause anxiety, depression, increased heart rate, decreased blood pressure, hallucinations etc.

Effects Of Amphetamines:
Amphetamines are addictive and can cause mood problems like aggression, anxiety, and intense craving for drug.

Memory Loss In Adulthood
Prolonged exposure and high intake of amphetamines during teenage years can lead to memory loss in adulthood. As during the teenage years, the growth of brain occurs and several hormonal changes takes place in body, the exposure to amphetamines can affects the cognitive functions of body and lead to memory impairment.

Cases Of Hallucination
A teenager taking large amount of Amphetamines can suffer from a condition known as Amphetamine psychosis that causes auditory, visual, and tactile hallucinations. The teenager can also suffer from intense paranoia, irrational thoughts and beliefs, mental confusion, and delusions.

Mood Problems
Regular intake of amphetamines can cause mood problems like depression, anxiety, dysphoria, aggression etc. Repeated use of amphetamines cause mood swings in teenagers and they exhibit insomnia, restlessness, and irritability. The intensity of the mood swings depend on the amount of amphetamine consumed by teenagers and physiological response to the drug.

Effects Of Marijuana:
Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug among teenagers that has various short-term and long-term negative consequences on health.

Elevates Heart Rate And Decreases Blood Pressure
Smoking Marijuana increases the heart rate and decreases blood pressure. The heart rate can increase by 20 to 50 beats per minute and can increase further if drug use is continued. Elevated heart rate and decreased blood pressure also increases the chances of heart attack among the teenagers abusing marijuana. Marijuana when smoked enters blood stream and binds with hemoglobin decreasing the oxygen in body. This increases the risk of heart attack.

Cases Of Hallucination
High dosages of marijuana when consumed with food rather than smoked can result in teenager experiencing hallucinations. Teenagers abusing marijuana can experience hallucinations like seeing things and patterns or haloes around lights.

Mood Problems
Smoking marijuana can cause mood problems and affect coordination. Smoking marijuana is characterized by mood swings in which the teenager may feel happy, drowsy, depressed, or anxious. Smoking marijuana can change the personality of teenager, increase suicidal thoughts, affect school performance, and increase risk of schizophrenia.

Abuse of amphetamines and marijuana has long lasting effects on teenager's health and affect his/her future life. Keeping a watch on teenager's activities and effectively detecting the warning signs of teen drug abuse can help in timely intervention and provide treatment.

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