Sunday, December 8, 2013

You Cannot Feel Both Happy And Sad At The Same Time - How Can A Happy Smile Fix Your Mood?

Are you having a bad day? Are you just feeling down in the dumps? If so you are not alone. This happens to just about anyone, but the good news is that you have the power to make yourself feel happy in no time. How? All that you have to do is smile!

How can a smile fix your mood? The truth is that a smile is really an involuntary response to a happy feeling. When you are feeling good your face instantly starts to smile. Your body connects the action of a smile with happy feelings. You can use this to your advantage. How?

Do you realize that you cannot feel both happy and sad at the same time? Your body is only able to process one emotion at a time. This means that if you want to you can kind of short circuit your body's emotional response.

When you are feeling sad the best thing that you can do is to smile. When you smile your body will start to remember times when you were happy and that will help temper the sadness and depression that you are dealing with. Does this mean that your problems will instantly disappear? No, but it does mean that your happy state of mind may help you look at the issues that you are struggling with in a different light.

A happy smile can help you adjust your focus which could be the most important thing. Remember, every difficult situation that you have had to deal with is an opportunity for learning and change. Staying static in your life does not guarantee that there will be a smile on your face everyday. Instead, you are really just stuck in your circumstances. So when life hands you some tough circumstances you have to work to put a smile on your face that will take you to a happy place.

The key to finding a long lasting happy smile for yourself is to really learn to look at your circumstances through a different lens. Rather than wallowing in what is wrong with your life you need to smile and embrace what is positive in your life.

When you do not have a strong hold on your sense of happy you should look around to identify what is positive in your life. You need to hang on to those positives and realize how lucky you are in your life. Realizing how lucky you are will help you deal with the bumps in the road that life throws your way with a happy smile on your face.

You cannot be happy 100% of the time. However, you can work to change your mood by taking advantage of your body's instincts. The next time that you're feeling down slap a smile on your face and see how quickly your mindset shifts to a more happy place.

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