Saturday, December 14, 2013

Signs of Depression in Women and Men

There are actually more signs of depression than people realize and it affects men and woman differently in most cases.

Most people think that to be depressed a person is despondent, or has feelings of gloom and perhaps has suicidal feelings. But, depression signs can range from just being tired with no energy or feeling down or sad. If you have another illness it can sometimes compound the problem. If you don't feel well to begin with depressive symptoms can be much worse. Not sleeping well creates an irritable mood making the depression worse which can then lead to insomnia or excessive sleeping. It is a vicious cycle leading to other or more intense symptoms like alcohol abuse, eating disorders, headaches or just unexplainable aches and pains that don't go away.

The biological differences of men and woman can cause certain symptoms unique to woman even though the signs are the same. Seasonal affective disorder caused by low levels of sunlight in the winter can affect more woman than men, and women seem to experience more depression in general. Causes could be hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, infertility, postpartum depression and even thyroid problems can cause depression.

Depression signs for men can include feeling sad, anxiety, weight loss, and loss of sex drive, no interest in hobbies or friends. Men typical will try to feel better with alcohol and drugs which only deepens the depression. Men will also in general sleep less, experience weight loss while women tend to sleep more and eat more during a depression.

There are many signs of depression and also many ways to treat this illness. If you have a mild or moderate form of depression there are some excellent natural remedies on the market including St. Johns Wort, supplements such as Omega 3's and natural homeopathic remedies that just might give you that jump start to feeling better.

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