Monday, December 9, 2013

Depression Symptoms Should Be Taken Seriously

People go through life everyday, doing routine activities like cleaning the house, cooking, doing the laundry and a lot more. But there are times when problems are encountered unexpectedly, and certain drastic events that occur pose a danger to our emotional stability.

The danger of getting depression is possible, especially those who have recently experienced unexpected events or turns in their life.

Dealing with a disorder like depression is needed because it can create significant impacts in your life. What then is depression? Depression is a mood disorder which causes you to feel hopeless or sad over an extended period of time. Your life, work, health, and the people around you are affected by this mood disorder.

People are affected differently by depression. Others find it easy to deal with depression but there are also those that feel down for an indefinite period. Your daily activities will not be affected if you're only suffering from mild depression but you should also get some sort of treatment to prevent it from getting worse.

Medical attention is needed by those persons suffering severe depression because they can become incapable of communicating or doing daily activities, and the worst case scenario is suicide.

A great number of people suffering from depression are hesitant to seek medical help for they think it's a sign of character flaw or weakness, and some think they can resolve it on their own. But they are wrong; by confining it, the depression will only get worse. Facing the problem is the most effective way to address the problem with depression. And seeking medical help is not bad; it is even an advantage on your part.

Depression is triggered by stressful events, certain drugs, other illnesses, inherited traits, or medications. It is linked to having an imbalanced brain chemistry.

Depression has two significant symptoms: hopelessness or sadness and loss of interest/pleasure from daily activities. Other symptoms of depression include:

- due to change in appetite, the depressed person losses or gains weight

- sleeps too much or hardly sleeps

- can't sit still or exhibits a feeling of restlessness

- feels tired most of the time

- guilty feeling or feeling unworthy

- problems with concentration, remembering, and making decisions

- thinks about death or suicide

You have a major depression if you're experiencing at least five of the symptoms mentioned including loss of interest o sadness for 2 or more weeks. However, having only a few of the symptoms does not mean that you shouldn't get assistance.

Aside from the symptoms previously mentioned, some people also experience the following:

- having headaches, body aches, pains

- digestive problems

- loses interest in sex

- feels worried or anxious without reason

- blaming self or others for the depression

- not talking or moving for several hours

- increased anger, tearfulness, tension, anxiety

- arms and legs suddenly feels heavy

- very sensitive to rejection

Indeed depression is a serious problem that should not be taken for granted regardless of age or gender. You must therefore be aware of the early warning signs of depression in order to seek assistance immediately.

At first, the symptoms of depression are subtle and hardly recognizable. Children and teens have different symptoms of depression and are quite difficult to diagnose compared to adults. So if you have children, you should pay more attention to them and watch for possible signs of depression.

Depression should not be taken likely. If you or any friend/family members have the symptoms, seek medical help as soon as possible.

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