Monday, December 9, 2013

Bipolar Disorder Manic Depression - Important Facts to Be Aware Of

When you are being treated for bipolar disorder, the physicians in charge have to help you distinguish the beginning signs of a manic episode so that you can take care of it in a hurry. Likewise, you have to be able to tell that a depression is coming on so that you can do the right thing. If you don't, you never know, this may be the episode in which you kill yourself.

If you are ever going to survive this disorder you suffer from, you have to be able to identify its symptoms without outside or professional help. This is critical to your treatment or ever getting better. The time will come when no one can be with you, and at that time, your knowledge of the symptoms may be what will save you.

Men usually experience mania first when they suffer from this disorder. Women on the other hand tend to sink into depression at the onset of the disease. You will do well to know which is which by identifying the symptoms of the disease early on. Once you have that in place, you may know well enough to get them the medical attention that they need.

When your bipolar disorder is just starting, the cyclic episodes of mania and depression may last for mere weeks. This is the best time to identify them and start to look for things you can do to address them. If you miss the symptoms at this time, you may grow well into adulthood, and close to destroying yourself before you discover it again.

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