Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Behavioral and Emotional Symptoms of Depression

Depression can occur to everyone, whether man or woman. People can feel depressed of any situation and things. Examples of depression cause are misunderstanding marriage, tussle with teen kids, or often people feel down for no reason at all.

Your depression can change into illness, if the mood state is severe. Before your depression getting worst, you must recognize the symptoms of this situation. Once you know that you are depressed, you'll be able to heal it right away.

There are two symptoms you must know, behavioral and emotional. Get all those signs to help you prevent bad depressed condition and cure it immediately.

• Behavioral Symptoms

1. Difficulty in Setting Your Goals
If you find it hard to see the positive future for yourself, it can be means you also get trouble to set goal of your own dreams. You can see it from loss of control and structure in life with many duties unfinished.

2. Loss Motivation
Lack of motivation will indicate that you are suffering depression. It will give impact for all aspects in your life and influence your job also life.

3. Can't Think Clearly
Someone with depression condition, often get difficulty in making decision and think clearly. You can't see the situation objectively, so you can't make any decisions even for the smallest problem, such as what to eat.
4. Solving Problems
As the depression sufferers, the small thing can be huge problem for you. Usually, it often comes out without apparent solution.

5. Social Withdrawal
Social activity is can be very unattractive for people who get depressed. Most of them will pull out themselves from any social interaction.

• Emotional Symptoms

1. Guilt
Depression people will feel guilty for any particular issue and make them have excessive worry.

2. Loss Self Confidence
By withdrawing yourself from social interaction, it means the confidence is reduced. You are like to live your own life in your own world.

3. Apathy
It is one of feeling that will happen to you if you are suffering depression. It will influence your ability to do all today tasks. For you the fun activity that you usually do, will not fun anymore.

4. Pessimistic
Depression sufferer will often have pessimistic thoughts and it's hard to think positively. You'll see that your future is hard to reach and there'll no beneficial or positive aspect in your life.

5. Suicidal Thoughts
Almost all depression sufferers will feel their present is so awful and future is worst. They will see that life is simply not worth to live and they will in rush to end their life.

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