Sunday, December 8, 2013

Moms With Postpartum Depression Should Seek Out Hormone Therapy

Quite often a person will experience a time in their lives when they will have periods of depression. It is very normal to have these feelings, especially when you have had a death in the family, or you are getting much older and you feel you have no useful reason to be alive. It is even normal to have a small amount of postpartum depression after the birth of your child. It's when this lingers or becomes severe that it may demand treatment with hormone therapy.

Other depressions come from a physical problem in your body, usually a hormone imbalance, which will then need some medical treatment. Hormone replacement therapy then is needed, to bring your hormone levels back to where they should be.

There are hormone therapies available for all different types of conditions, because our bodies produce hormones in every cell of the body. Even though they are very little amounts, they still are important for the well being of a person's moods and physical health. So many times, when a person is having mood swings, lethargic, sleep disorders, etc. most often their hormones are out of balance.

In a woman, it can be caused by her menstrual cycle coming to an end, causing all kinds of symptoms, depression being at the top of the list. There are synthetic hormones that are derived from animal hormones, but there are also natural products which will work much better. They call these bio-identical and if you're a candidate for hormone therapy, go this route, not the synthetics. They also will not give you the side-effects of the synthetic therapy, such as heart problems, cancer and they will help to alleviate the onset of osteoporosis as you get older. Talk to your natural health provider, to see which natural hormone therapy would be the best one for your situation. When it comes to postpartum depression if recognized and treated properly, it usually subsides rather quickly.

Women are not the only ones to experience hormone imbalances, men also have some problems, which are directly related to an imbalance in their hormones. They could have a thyroidal problem, with all kinds of symptoms, sleeping all the time, lethargic, mood swings, dry mouth, dehydration, but a simple blood test will determine which physical ailment is causing these various problems. At that time, hormone therapy would be needed to regulate the male hormones as well.

A natural hormone or bio-identical hormone is a substance which is the closest to the human hormone. They are made from a plant substance, which is identical in all the ways that a human body makes them. The synthetic ones, which we will not name here, are made from pregnant mare's urine (YUCK!) and are not identical to a human being's hormones. We recommend bio-identical hormone therapy if at all possible and it's not a bit more expensive.

Don't be embarrassed or feeling guilty about your postpartum depression if you are subjected to this. Try to realize that it's because of the hormone imbalance and nothing to do with being a bad mother.

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