Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Do Menopause Symptoms Last Forever? Perimenopause Depression

Pre menopause symptoms, like puberty and pregnancy are the rites of passage that almost every woman has to go through. The sad thing is how unprepared we are for them and how many, otherwise sensible women seem to put their head in the sand hoping perimenopause depression it will not happen to them.

The menopause is the final menstrual period that a woman has and so you only know you have had it when you go for twelve months not having had another period.

The average age of a woman to have her menopause is fifty one but it can occur anywhere between forty and fifty five and still be considered 'normal' outside of these ages is rarer and if it happens before forty five it is often referred to as an early menopause. If it happens before her fortieth birthday it is called premature.

The symptoms that the majority of women experience are actually signs of the peri-menopause, this is the stage that is leading up to the actual menopause and is caused by the slowly reducing levels of hormones, especially estrogen in her body.

Some women go through the peri-menopause with barely a twitch but for the majority it is a time of hot flashes, night sweats and other symptoms, some of which can be quite distressing.

A common and unfortunately all too often ignored symptom is depression. Many doctors will tell you that the menopause does not cause depression but sadly many women suffer from it at this time and so I think it may be related.

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