Thursday, December 12, 2013

What Are The Signs and Symptoms of Depression and How Can I Get Help for Depression?

Research has shown that 20 million Americans receive treatment for depression each year. The signs and symptoms of depression can be identified by a long list of characterizations. There are many different types and stages of depression, however being able to identify the beginning signs will be key to getting the help you need for depression.

The signs and symptoms of depression include but are not limited to insomnia, frustration, mood swings, and a loss of appetite. Being able to recognize the symptoms in the early stages of depression will be a benefit to you and your treatment process. There is no one cause for depression this illness can be caused or provoked by other medical conditions as well.

More serious symptoms of depression are irritability in combination with mood swings and frustration. Hopelessness and a pessimistic outlook on life can also be contributed to signs and symptoms of depression. A loss of energy, intense fatigue, tiredness, loss of interest on hobbies and physical appearance are also symptoms of depression. Losing contact with loved ones and associates, basically cutting yourself off from the rest of the world.

Feelings of helplessness and losing your self worth, in some extreme cases even thoughts of suicide can arise. Insomnia is a common symptom, however some individuals may experience the opposite which is excessive sleep. Unexplained weight loss or weigh gain, eating disorders can also develop during this time. These are all the common signs and symptoms of depression listed above, but the list doesn't end here.

When the signs and symptoms of depression are first recognized the most important thing for an individual experiencing these symptoms to do is look within themselves. Although the answers may not be clear you have to try to identify why you are experiencing these feelings, self awareness is key to beating depression. People can do both great things or very horrible things using the power of their minds, it is very important to understand how the mind affects how we live our lives.

Everyone is different and may require different forms of treatment, however one thing is certain depression can not be cured with medication alone. A patient has to make a conscious decision to do what it takes to get better, and changing the way you think is a big part of that. I am not only a scholar of psychology, I am a survivor of this illness and I know what it's like to face this illness head on.

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