Friday, December 13, 2013

Depression Among the Youth

Teenagers who are experiencing depression are increasing in number than the previous years. This condition does not choose as to a person is rich, good looking, black, white, history and many others but it can be experience by all types f teenagers across the globe. Depression may be felt by anyone without any exemptions. Teenage depression may be more common to girls than to boys of their age. Teenage girls are said to be more prone of acquiring this condition than their male counterparts.

However, depression among teenagers is hard to recognize for teens may most of the time focus on dealing with their personal lives other than sharing this negative feeling among their family members. Since it is hard to detect among teens, it is very important for parents to notice changes in the behavior of their children. At times, depressed teenagers often exhibit signs that they have it like they are now staying away from their social circle and choose to go around alone. Sometimes, it is perceived that depression among teenagers is a sign of puberty age. This condition may get worse if left untreated so it's vital that parents know their children well do they must talk to their kids as to they have a problem that has been bothering them in school or at home. In this way an open communication is needed for sometimes teenagers just lack attention from their busy parents. There are several treatments being done to get rid of depression among teenagers wherein the first step should be done by the parents through counseling their kids.

There are several methods available to cure this condition. It may be through natural means or through medications. However, the latter may have harmful effects on the individual for it may be addictive in the future. Parents must watch out on different signs that their children are exhibiting. They can sometimes feel unreasonably ill like they have poor appetite, good grooming and lack of social skills. They may also feel that they are not worthy individuals. They may also show lack of interest in the activities that they are usually enjoying before like playing soccer and other sports. In this case, they may not want to mingle with their friends and often choose to be alone.

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