Friday, August 16, 2013

Tips to Overcome Depression

An event can create doubt, feelings of loneliness, and a lack of self worth. Many of the thoughts we have are self defeating. To no fault of our own, we have been conditioned to assume the worst, imagine something bad will happen, and create fearful thoughts that appear real. It took me a long while to get over my depression and self doubt.

So what caused my depression? Well, one day at football practice, I was playing corner back defending against my little brother. The pass was thrown in my direction. While in the process of running towards the ball, I stepped in a pot hole with my right leg and continued to jump up to knock the ball down. Subsequently, I came down on my right leg and heard a snap, crackle, and pop, and my football career was over. I had several surgeries on my knee, and it was never the same again.

I was 17 when I threw out my knee. It took a lot out of me. I was going into my freshman year in college. My entire life, I considered football as a way to a better lifestyle. I remember telling my coach that "I wanted to die." My self esteem was crushed. I did not believe in myself anymore. The least little bit of pressure or challenge was too much for me. My support system was gone. Everyone, across the board, stopped encouraging me. I had no purpose, no drive, no mission, no goals.

However, you can overcome depression. I finally decided to rebuild my confidence ten years later. I started having self talks. I made the mirror my very best friend. While standing in front of the mirror, I stated affirmation after affirmation. "I am a winner or something better." "I am abundant or something better." "I am smart or something better." "I am kind or something better." I remembered in Jack Canfield's best selling book, The Success Principles, he stated that you should end affirmations with the phrase "or something or someone better." In the total scheme of things, the universe may have something or someone better in store for you, and this is a way of keeping all the good coming into your life.

Whatever characteristics I wanted to have, I said it to myself in the mirror. I would visualize what success looks like to me. I would visualize what being healthy, confident, handsome, brave, abundantly wealthy, prosperous, and a best selling author looked like to me. I would imagine what my perfect weight and my perfect body looked like to me.

Instead of spending my time mulling over all the bad, I made a choice to spend my time giving thanks for what I have and all the good I have in my life, so I would receive more of it. I gave thanks in advance for things that I didn't have yet. Giving thanks in advance super charges the receiving of what you want because you are emitting the thoughts and actions of having it already. I began to give thanks for items, trips, constant checks, intimacy, wealth, love, prosperity, relationships, friends, partnerships, and corporations not yet in my possession, but on faith would come to me. I began to act as if what I wanted was already in my possession.

My smile reflected all the wonderful things of and about my life. My thoughts took on a different tone, a symbol of joy and appreciation. I began reading books about the law of attraction, about asking for what you want and getting it, and about the power of gratitude. I studied books about discovering one's purpose, and how to make a living doing what you are passionate about.

My entire life changed. I learned that I like to teach, empower, and inspire others to follow their dreams and goals. I began to see the world through different eyes. I began to see all the possibilities as opposed to all the negatives. My focus was on receiving all the good in my life. That's it.

I continue to spend time thinking about what I want. I made writing and reciting positive affirmations apart of my daily life. I decided to bombard my subconscious mind with positive thought provoking books and affirmations. I set aside time to create the best me. Ultimately, we all want to be happy. So take the time to think about being happy in every aspect. Find a mentor, read a book, ask a question of someone who can help you attain your goals. Follow the steps to success provided by someone that's already doing what you want to do.

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