Saturday, August 17, 2013

Online Depression Screening Test

Our life is full of good and bad times, happy and sad memories, disappointments and satisfactions. Being rational, we all go through different feelings at some point in our lives. You may be disappointed today because your partner forgot your anniversary, tomorrow you may get satisfied because your partner take you to a Caribbean holiday to make up with you. It is quite normal actually to experience different emotions as long as you have reasons. But once you constantly feel "down" for more than a few weeks and that particular state has been keeping you away from your usual activity, that's another story.

If you have been, for some reason, constantly feeling down and troubled, you may be experiencing more than just the blues. What you're suffering from can be a serious medical illness, called clinical depression that requires immediate care and attention to prevent it from getting worse. Though this condition is treatable, if not cured immediately can lead to something serious, so serious that it can cost the life of the depressed person.

Depression can be the result of significant loss, illogical expectations, negative thinking, disappointments, and many others. The possible symptoms can be a feeling of overwhelming hopelessness and helplessness, chronic tiredness, too much or too little or broken sleep, loss of interest on once loved activities, loss of appetite or overeating resulting to weight loss or gain. If you think you have these symptoms, you can either go see a doctor, or try online depression screening.

The online depression screening result does not and will not try to substitute the expert opinions of doctors who know more about depression. Rather, the intention of the online depression screening test is just to establish a preliminary test for depressive symptoms. The reason why it is better if you try depression screening first before going to a doctor is to make check if you have symptoms that can lead to depressive condition. Remember that some of the symptoms of depression are also normally felt with people without the condition. The difference is that with depression, the degree and frequency of feeling down are great.

Depression can lead to suicide on some people who can't seem to overcome the condition. Therefore, it's good to be aware of the symptoms and determine if your feeling is normal or not anymore. One way to find out, besides going to a doctor, is take the online depression screening test. You will be asked to answer several questions, after that you submit your answers and in just seconds later you can get the result. The result is actually your score with corresponding diagnosis. Most of the websites that offer online depression test, such as or, have pretty much the same format.

If you think you are feeling a little down, you try the depression screening test over the internet. You can take the test as often as you like free of charge. That's right, it is for free. Just answer as honestly as possible the questions and the result will be close to real. But then again, see your doctor for a more accurate diagnose whether or not you have depressive condition.

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