Wednesday, August 14, 2013

24 Hour Nutritional Help For Depression Symptoms

Want to defeat depression without drugs or expensive psychotherapy? In many cases, you can resolve or reduce depression symptoms with one simple nutritional remedy.

Of course, because there are many kinds of depression symptoms, you may need to see a doctor. Dysfunctional depression, where you don't have the energy to go to work or get out of bed, needs professional help, and you can get quick relief.

However, most types of depression are not dysfunctional. This means that you feel bad emotionally and perhaps physically, but you can still go to work and function socially. This type of depression is more common.

Happily, common depression symptoms can be reduced and often cured with some simple nutritional and lifestyle remedies. You can experience relief often within just a few days.

One thing to do when combating depression is to make a few simple nutritional changes. The first nutritional change may seem to be the hardest, but it can be the most powerful. And that is to cut refined white sugar completely from your diet.

White sugar causes sugar blues. You get a rush of good feeling from eating something like a doughnut, then within 60 minutes your system releases lots of insulin to get the sugar out of the blood stream. All this insulin then causes low blood sugar for another few hours. The insulin is so effective it gets rid of too much glucose from the blood stream.

Low blood sugar causes depression symptoms like fatigue, irritability, and dark mood swings. That's right, low blood sugar causes most common forms of depression. Low blood sugar in the bloodstream causes the brain to run inefficiently. The symptoms are the result.

Refined white sugar actually causes low blood sugar! Our natural bodily response to produce insulin creates low blood sugar. So eating sugar causes our blood sugar levels to spike up and down all day long, which creates mood swings and other symptoms.

So a simple fix for many common depression symptoms is to simply cut out refined white sugar. Try it for just three days and see how you feel. You can still have sweets, but sweeten things with stevia, which doesn't cause insulin to be released. There's more natural help for depression symptoms, but this should be one good place to start.

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