Monday, August 12, 2013

How To Ease Depression After A Marriage Break Up

When you have just come through a painful marriage breakup, depression is an affliction that might trouble you. If you find yourself feeling seriously depressed, don't be afraid. Many people suffer from depression after a traumatic event. The emotional trauma of divorce or the breakdown of a marriage is a common cause of depression.

If left untreated, depression can have serious consequences. So, if you think you are suffering from depression, you should seek advice from an appropriately qualified medical practitioner without delay. This type of depression is called reactive depression and it can be diagnosed and treated very easily. While the symptoms can be distressing, most cases of reactive depression can be cleared up quickly with the right treatment.

You might find that you don't need to take medication for your condition. Simply being able to talk to a doctor about your feelings can help you. Some people start to recover spontaneously as a result of receiving a diagnosis. People often fear that they have some terrible disease when they experience the symptoms of depression. Knowing that they have a treatable condition reassures them and they start to get better.

You need your friends around you after a breakup has left you feeling so low. Unfortunately, not everyone understands how depression can affect a person. Well-meaning friends will do their best to cheer you up. Sometimes their efforts just make you feel worse. Some ignorant people will tell you to "pull yourself together" as if depression is something you have cultivated deliberately.

Don't let experiences with people who don't understand drive you back into your shell. Seek out the friends who understand best. Some people will show the natural ability to fit in with your mood. Try to spend most time with these friends while you are feeling at your most vulnerable.

You need to make sure you take care of yourself. Depression can leave you feeling that everything is pointless. You won't want to see anyone. You won't want to talk to anyone even on the phone. You won't want to eat or drink. You won't even be bothered to take a shower. Even getting out of bed is too much effort. All you want to do is lie down in a dark room and wait for misery to suffocate you. You must not give in to these feelings.

You must force yourself to keep to a routine of getting up, showering, and eating meals. If you have been prescribed medication, take it according to your doctor's instructions. Keep in close touch with your friends, even if it is only through brief phone chats. Meet up with friends as often as possible. Take some exercise every day, even if it is only a ten minute walk. These things probably don't seem very important, but they are all steps on your road to recovery. Everything you do towards living a normal life will help to speed up your recovery.

As soon as you sense the depression lifting, even slightly, you should increase your levels of activity. Get out socially, visit family you don't see very often. Increase the amount of exercise you take. Keep yourself generally busy.

One of the best things to do is to donate time to working for a charity. This helps you to get better, and it gives you the satisfaction of knowing you are helping people who need help.

The one thing you need to avoid is dating. It is very easy to slip into a rebound relationship. Rebound relationships rarely work out. If you get into one while you are vulnerable you are almost guaranteed to find yourself going through another breakup.

Depression often starts to take over when we have too much time on our hands. When you have just come out of a relationship, you will need to fill the time you would have been spending with your ex. Keeping yourself busy is the best thing you can do to ease depression after a breakup. But don't be afraid to seek counseling if you feel you need help to cope with your emotions after the breakup.

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