Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Experience With Clinical Depression and the Positive Side of It!

I have experienced depression twice in my life. I won't lie, it is the worst feeling and pain that I have ever experienced. However, there is a bright side about that experience that even makes it worth going through.

Every time I have overcome depression I have felt stronger and undefeatable. I have felt like embracing life like never before, it has made me value the little things that bring me joy and cherish every second of my existence.

Depression can come as a blessing to us, if we pay attention to the lesson we need to learn from it. Our body is wise and will tell us when we are doing something wrong. In my case the cause of my depression was the emotional baggage and pain that I carried with myself, without expressing it, without allowing myself to feel what my body and spirit needed to feel, It wasn't until I uncovered my core beliefs that were instilled in my childhood, worked with the emotions stored in my body that were causing pain and unhappiness, slowly released them and consciously changed my compensatory behaviors, when I started feeling free, truly love myself and improve the quality of my life and relationships with myself and others.

My second experience with depression has been a lot shorter and milder than the first one, despite the fact that I am by myself, away from home and family, and as I go through my recovery I am starting to feel so much more alive and fulfilled that I want to do more and be more every day. I don't think I will experience depression again, but although it is painful I wouldn't be scared if I had to go through it again, because I know three things for sure: First, I know I can get over it, and second I will come out an even better and stronger person than I am now. Third, life will seem a lot more enjoyable and worth living.

Clinical depression is very different from sadness; clinical depression normally requires the advice and guidance from a professional, appropriate medication can help for faster recovery, in addition to other things we can do to help ourselves and actively participate in our process of recovery. Accumulated stress and emotional pain are the cause of many types of illnesses, such as depression. Medication helps us in balancing proper amount of chemicals in our brain such as serotonin, but ultimately the long term recovery is in our hands, it is necessary to work on the core of the problem, the real cause of our physical discomfort. Consciously observe our compensatory behaviors and change them until the emotional pain leaves our body.

Mind, body and spirit are interconnected and emotional energy in our body will eventually turn into matter, and will manifest physically. There are many techniques that I have learnt in order to learn to live with our emotions, flow with them and use them to our advantage, instead of escaping from them and fear facing them.

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