Friday, July 19, 2013

Symptoms of Depression That You Need To Know

While estimated to affect up to 20 million American adult every year, depression can be easily diagnosed and treated. All of us suffer from sadness at one time or another but people with true depression suffers from recurring and frequent long term symptoms. But if we all suffer from sadness or feelings of being depressed from time to time, how do you know if you already have a depression problem?

Here are some depression symptoms to help you. Not all people have all the same symptoms or even at the same time. If you suspect your or someone you know may be suffering from depression the best thing to do is consult a doctor.

- Unexplained crying

- Lethargy

- Indecisiveness and difficulty in concentrating

- Anger, worry, worry, agitation and irritability

- Prolonged sadness

- Negativity or pessimism

- Loss of energy

- Thoughts of death and suicide

- Unexplained body aches and pains

- Social withdrawal

- Feelings of guilt and sense of worthlessness

- Irregular sleep patterns and loss of appetite

- Fatigue even without heavy physical activity

- Lack of interest to surroundings

A medical check-up for depression will include a complete physical examination to rule out any other health problems and to get a detailed clinical history. When being diagnosed, you must be honest with your feelings to help the doctor arrive at the correct diagnosis. Though we've listed the most common depression symptoms above, never do any self diagnosis or rely on unqualified opinions from friends or family. Only a trained medical practitioner can determine if you are indeed suffering from depression and he will be able to help in recommending the proper care for you.

Also note that one type of depression is recurrent, this means the depression episodes regularly happen. This could be as regular as once a month or as far between as several years.

Depression must never be covered up. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed if you are diagnosed with depression. You should accept the problem and seek medical assistance. No one is immune from depression. People from all walks of life, ethnic groups and ages could be affected. And as mentioned earlier, over 20 million suffer from it every year so realize that you are not alone.

Believe and want to get cured and you have won half the battle in overcoming this condition.

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