Sunday, July 14, 2013

5 Reasons To Not Let Depression Control You Anymore!

Depression is a state of mind and once you start to appreciate what you have and no longer brood on what you don't things will start to improve. You are responsible for what happens in your life and until you accept and start making changes you will always be living in a state of nothingness. When we are sick its our bodies way of telling us that something is wrong, depression is no different.

Depression although can seem a very dark place to be, it can also help you to improve your life in many ways. It is a great teacher, highlighting that things are not right in your world and this realisation alone will bring its own reward. You will learn so much about yourself during this period; use it for a time to reflect and change what no longer works for you. Focus and truly appreciate what is important in life right now, improve in areas that are making you unhappy, do it for yourself, your family, friends, and loved ones.

Family - It can be very annoying to your loved one's when you are feeling low and depressed. They love you and only what the best for you, but on the other hand every now and again they can get frustrated and wonder why you can't just pull yourself together. It can be extremely difficult on children of someone suffering with depression and it could affect how they view life in general, sometimes even years down the line. Having experienced depression myself, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that this is the number one motivation you should have to beat your depression. Trust me, it can be done. You just have to decide, do you want this life forever or do you want to change?

Work - Work life can suffer greatly when you are depressed. You will find it more difficult to concentrate. Not only that, creating and maintaining professional working relationships is much more difficult too. Furthermore, it makes being a "self-motivator" far more unlikely. Rather than making positive moves forward, at a subconscious level continuing life in a negative state becomes more acceptable.

Love - Depression has a massive impact on intimacy too, with a tendency to feel 'unloved', as do those around you. In spite of the loving partner professing their commitment to you, the depression will prevent you ever seeing the brighter side of life and over time it can wear down everyone involved. Life is too short, right? Love conquers A WHOLE LOT, but not everything. When dealing with a sufferer try being understanding, it's easy to be judgemental and critical but a little compassion can go a long way. Put yourself into the other person's shoes, see life from their point of view and then ask yourself "If I were in this persons shoes, how would it make me feel, how would I behave"? It is also good for the person who is depressed to ask themselves these questions too. Finding the answers will make you more tolerant of each others situation. Love is really put to the test when depression strikes, but remember every person we meet and every situation we encounter is for a reason and that reason is to teach us something about ourselves. You can learn a lot about yourself during this period, after all when you are not in alignment your body knows and by plunging you into the depths of depression is its way of telling you that something needs to change.

Health - Studies have shown that people who are out of alignment with themselves are more likely to get depressed and will suffer sickness more often. Also, constantly behaving in a negative manner can shorten your life expectancy, compared to those who are content with their life. It is in your best interest, health wise, to overcome your depression or you could find yourself experiencing more hospital visits and a daily diet of drugs and loneliness, is this what you want?

Prosperity - When depressed you can sometimes lacks clarity in what it is you want to achieve, your life purpose or which direction you want to go in. Because of this many missed golden opportunities have passed you by, if only you were paying attention to what was going on around you things might be different. It's OK to complain about what is and what isn't right in your life, but in all honesty the life you have is the one that you created. You and only you are responsible for the choices that you make, get your head around that one and you have taken the first step in creating the life you truly want. Let's face it, if you keep doing the same thing, behave in the same manner, mix with the same people, how can you ever expect anything but what you already have? Your life is only going to get better when you decide to change. Contrary to what the books say, there are no fairy godmothers, no magic wands nor are there any genies living in lamps ready to deliver your every wish. You can't change the past; you can only create a future. A good place to start is being grateful for what you already have, if you are thinking there is nothing, then take your favourite item and imagine life without it, or that special person who kisses you for no reason, the roof over your head, clean water that comes from your tap. Good things come into your life when you stop taking things for granted and start showing appreciation instead, this is a great way to finally put an end the cycle of depression and self imposed-isolation (even if only figuratively).

Remember, we are all creators of our own reality ~ will you shake this depression, or will you keep it for another day? The choice is yours!

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