Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Is Depression a Real Disease Or Just a State Of Mind?

Depression is a serious malfunction of transmitters in the brain that control our emotions. Dopamine and serotonin are the leading cause of this mental illness. When these two chemicals are out of check then serious effects are noted in the persons mental state.

Serotonin and dopamine are our wake and sleep alarm clock for the body. With their release, they control our wake-sleep cycle, our pleasure senses, mood and motor functions.

They work on the cellular level and work in the nerve junction synapse(the small space between the nerve cells). There are many chemicals that work at this area but these two are believed to be the main reason for this debilitating illness that is not cured in 1-2 weeks. It sometimes takes months before the medication is effective in the mental state. It is thought to be in lack of one and too much of the other. Too much serotonin can lead the body to want to sleep all the time. Dopamine controls the motor functions of the body and the shakes that follow depression is conjuncted with this chemical. As in the disease Parkinson's, where the body shakes uncontrollably, dopamine is believed to be lacking in the receptor sites. That is why it is given orally to these patients. To try to level out these low, unbalanced transmitters.

Now that depression has a foundation for the cause, it can be treated with mostly success. Therapy is also required to help the individual become more rational thinkers and how to handle situations more productively. Having a rational head on your shoulders is a great asset and things don't seem to be as bleak and out of control.

Recognizing the condition is of up most importance. Leaving these at a unchecked imbalance has malfunctioning effects. Some of the symptoms for depression are: no energy, no appetite or too much appetite, no entrust in any of the usual activities, in a sad state of mind, crying without real reason and no interest in the significant other and the guilt of that feeling is overwhelming. Other people will notice that there is something wrong with the normal personality and will begin to ask if there is anything wrong with the person's health. These are only a few of the symptoms that can follow depression.

Depression is a long term disease and must be treated as such. There are no quick cures. It usually takes years for the person to completely recover and then it is usually a life altering condition. People with this disease are different than they where before it hit them. Their personality are totally changed and their demeanor is altered.

However, with medications these symptoms can be relieved to a degree of equality and continued therapy can help balance the imbalance in the transmitters in the brain.

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