Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bipolar Test for Children

If your child has been displaying signs of Bipolar you may want to see if your doctor will perform a bipolar test that will confirm the diagnosis so you can begin treatment immediately. Bipolar is a form of depression that can make it difficult for a child to predict and control their attitude and bursts of anger. Everyone who suffers from depression may not have bipolar disorder and the symptoms for bipolar are similar to other conditions. How will you know if your child does have bipolar?

Is your child having uncontrollable mood swings that they tend to have no control over or may demonstrate high irritability and intense excitement? Your child may also display an excessive amounts of energy or low levels of energy, unable to concentrate or focus on anything, and behavior that can turn violent.

The bipolar test is something that you don't want to put off if you suspect your child has bipolar. Beck depression test is one test. Is a test to help evaluate the state of mind of an individual. It also measures the severity of the condition of depression. This test has twenty-one multiple choice questions that the individual must fill out. This test is best for ages thirteen and up due to understanding the questions. Each question will have four answers and will be rated from zero to three. This bipolar test is not the most accurate test and does have several disadvantages to it.

There are other bipolar tests your child can take in order to rule out or to diagnose bipolar disorder. Before choosing the right bipolar test for your child his or her doctor will want to study their background to see if there were any signs of bipolar from previous behaviors. Your child's doctor will look for signs such as a sudden withdrawal from certain programs or behaviors, any depression symptoms, chronic fatigue or low energy levels, or any change in eating habit. The doctor will then take the information they gather and form a professional opinion and order further bipolar tests to determine what may be wrong and where to go from here.

Once a bipolar test or a series of bipolar tests have been cleared and confirmed, the doctor will then begin treating your child's bipolar disorder. Treatment will be determined based on the severity of the depression. Treatment may include new socialization skills, medication, therapy and counseling, and more.

Psychosocial therapy may address the social dysfunction one may experience when suffering from bipolar. Learning how to socialize again is vital to learning to live with this condition. It may also include cognitive behavioral therapy which defines why someone suffers from bipolar. It addresses feelings of rejection and learning to deal with self-criticism which can and will cause depression that leads to bipolar.

Medical therapy includes certain anti-depressant medications that can make feelings of bipolar more manageable.

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