Friday, July 19, 2013

How to Support People With Depression

Depression is quite a common word amongst people as it is the second most occurring disease in human beings. It is a mental disease that affects millions all over the world. Right from kids, adolescents, adults and old people can suffer from this serious mental illness. People suffering from depression generally found in the state of sadness and blues. Depression has so many types associated with it. Some of the types of depression are very dangerous and some of them are mild. Women are more susceptible to depression. The exact cause of depression has still not been discovered, researches are still going on to find out the exact reason. However it is believed that depression is due to the chemical imbalances in the brain system. People suffering with depression commonly exhibit following symptoms:

1. Sadness and irritation almost all day.

2. Loss of energy or fatigue.

3. Socially inactive.

4. Decreased interest in daily activities that generally enjoyed by sufferer in the normal life

5. The feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness and helplessness trouble the sufferer almost all day long.

6. They find it difficult to get off to sleep, they usually sleep too less or too much (exceptional case).

7. They find themselves inferior amongst others because of lower self esteem.

8. Poor appetite, because of which they might gain or loose significant amount of weight.

9. Headache and abdominal pain is another symptom that people suffering from depression usually exhibit.

10. Suicidal tendencies are also observed in depressed people.

People with depression usually exhibit 5 to 6 of the above listed symptoms. They need to seek immediate help as soon as they find themselves suffering from these symptoms. If proper treatment not sought at the right time, the affects may disrupt their lives. People suffering from depression need plenty of support from friends, family, relatives or neighbors. Following are the ways you can support people with depression:

1. People suffering from depression need your emotional support if you are his family or friends. Engage the depressed person in conversation to divert his attention from all those things that depress the sufferer.

2. Monitor a depressed person make sure he or she follows the treatment method properly. Also make sure your depressed friend does not use alcohol to reduce depression, as alcohol is a depressant and worsens depression.

3. In severe cases you might have to accompany your depressed friend to doctor.

4. Try to remind sufferer about his positive accomplishments, it will help him getting out from state of lows, and will also put positive energy in him.

5. Try to engage your concerned depressed person in fun activities to energies him.

6. Make sure there is no negativity around the sufferer.

7. You can accompany sufferer to gym, or encourage him to exercise daily for an hour, do not hesitate if you also need to exercise along with depressed to motivate him.

8. Put some positive energy in depressed by assuring him about his good health.

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