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Overcoming Depression After Betrayal and Infidelity - Cheating Wives and Cheating Husbands

If you were betrayed by the person you love, especially if it happened with one of your friends, which means that you were betrayed by both, you cannot but feel totally desolated.

Men are more sensitive to this matter, because this is for them a question of masculine honor. Besides that, they suffer from incapacity to have sexual relationships in the future, after being so humiliated.

After an experience so tragic they cannot recuperate their self-confidence and ever trust another woman.

Things are not as tragic for women whose husbands betray them, even though the betrayal also by a friend is too bitter for anyone.

The truth is that after such experience, no matter if you are a man or a woman, you feel totally lost and you don't want to trust anyone again. This is the end of your life...

You feel you were treated like trash.

How can you ever recuperate your self-confidence and try to have another relationship in the future?

I will give you an example so that I may give you my lesson, using it.

In one of my first visits at a certain site where people go asking for help from anyone who may care about giving them an answer, I had to face one of the most horrible cases I ever learned about. Of course, there are worse in this world, but this one was very bitter.

The betrayal and the infidelity you'll learn about right now will surpass your case or are as horrible was your case, because your case cannot be worse than this one.

A girl who was around 18 years old came to this site asking for help because her mother had stolen her boyfriend, leaving her, her younger sister and her father desolated.

Put yourself in the position of this girl: betrayed not only by her boyfriend but also by her own mother!

Now, put yourself in the position of her father...

This case was really shocking!

Everyone on the site wanted to kill this mother!

I was the only one who told the girl that she had to forgive her mother because she was crazy, and she didn't know what she was doing.

Everyone on the site attacked me.

The girl told me that her mother knew very well what she was doing and started relating to me various facts and indications, which proved that her mother had seduced her boyfriend on purpose, taking advantage of many opportunities.

Of course, I'm not going to tell you this story. I only used this example in order to explain why this mother was crazy and why she should not be considered responsible for what she was doing.

She had to be forgiven and treated, because she was completely crazy, even though she seemed to logically understand the meaning of her actions.

I mentioned on the site the example of another tragic case that happened in my own neighborhood: a mother killed her own 15 years old daughter by suffocating her with a scarf when she was sleeping! This case was a big scandal, written about in many newspapers. My son knew the murdered girl, because they studied at the same school, and since he was responsible for his class, he even appeared on TV, and talked about the dead girl. He explained to the public that she was a very nice person. The school's director said that she was a bad student, who used to disappear for weeks from school, then she would come back and disappear again for another week or so.

Her mother was entered into a special clinic and treated. Of course she was crazy! No matter how disappointed she could be with her daughter, she didn't have the right to kill her.

The mother of the girl who stole her boyfriend was as crazy as the mother of my second example, who killed her daughter.


The answer is very sad, but it enlightens a very big mystery, gives an end to human ignorance and stops the repetition of all the mistakes made by all the previous generations of mankind.

Relating many scientific discoveries with the information given in our dreams by the wise unconscious mind that produces them, I discovered that the biggest part of the human brain is demonic, wild, violent, totally absurd, cruel, insensitive, immoral and sneaky.

The small portion of the human brain that has human characteristics is too fragile and can easily be destroyed by the wild demon existent in the wild side.

If someone accepts what is bad, immoral and cruel once, they fall into the trap of the wild demon, and cannot but end up in craziness and despair.

A schizophrenic murderer is able to kill his or her victim, hide their cadaver, run to a place full of people in order to have an alibi - in order words, in order to be able to say that he was there, among all these people at the time of the murder - and pretend that he is happy as if nothing had happened.

If you observe the murderer, you'll believe that he is a normal person and that nothing strange happened with him. You'll conclude that he is a very reasonable person, as you discuss with him various different common topics, and this may happen immediately after he killed and hided his victim!

How is this possible?

It happens because when the anti-conscience (the wild side of the human brain) manages to destroy the human side of the human brain, there is no human being left anywhere: the wild demon dominates the human brain completely.

The demon is clever and pretends that it is a normal human being, even though it is a schizophrenic murderer. This means that the human nature is demonic and that the human being is derived from Satan. However, he received a small human conscience from God, who created the wise unconscious mind that produces our dreams in order to cure the human brain from the craziness imposed by the wild side.

The human being is in fact a wild animal, like a shark or a lion, a wild killer, that doesn't understand the meaning of violence, but who can think logically, even though its logic is selfish and totally absurd.

How can logic be absurd?

Logic is only a collection of ideas. If these ideas are absurd, this means that the logic is absurd, even though it seems to be sensible.

If we analyze its details, we will discover the absurdity, but this is not visible from the beginning.

Do you think that a woman can be "happy forever", living with her daughter's young boyfriend?

Do you think that this woman had human characteristics?

Do you think that this young man who accepted to betray his girlfriend with her own mother was a human being?

Do you think that the woman who killed her own daughter was human?

Do you think that the schizophrenic murderer who goes to a place full of people after his murder and after hiding the cadaver, and talks with everyone happily as if nothing had happened before, is a human being?

They were victims of the powerful wild anti-conscience, our primitive conscience, which is still alive in our brain.

We have to eliminate the demon, by transforming it into a human being, like the tiny part of our brain that has human characteristics. This can be done easily now that I have continued the work of Carl Jung, discovering the cure for schizophrenia, psychosis and other mental illnesses that cannot be cured by common psychiatrists.

So, if you were victim of betrayal and infidelity, have pity on your enemies, because they are dead. There is only a wild monster in their place. They have completely lost their human conscience.

Their actions should not be considered human actions, but actions of a wild primate, because their wild self has dominated them.

They seem to understand what they are doing, but this is not true, because they don't have any sensitivity: they are totally disconnected from the external world.

They are as crazy as the schizophrenic murderer in my third example.

Therefore, forgive them, the same way you would forgive a lion or a shark if they would try to kill you.

Learn how to translate your dreams according to the scientific method and overcome your depression by following the wise guidance you'll receive in the dream messages. They work like psychotherapy, giving you answers for all your questions and solutions for all your problems.

If you were a victim of demons, at least you can be glad because you still are a human being.

You have the possibility to evolve, attaining wisdom and happiness, while they will never abandon the hell they created when they agreed with what was bad, opening the doors for the wild monster.

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