Friday, May 24, 2013

Hypoglycemia and Depression - How Can My Diet Make Me Depressed?

Hypoglycemia and depression do go hand in hand, so if you're hypoglycemic you could find yourself experiencing depression for no apparent reason. Depression is a relentless state of sadness, hopelessness or despair that is so serious it can impact on ones ability to function properly or carry out essential day to day activities. A lot people suffering from Hypoglycemia tend to go from doctor to doctor, and from psychologist to psychologist seeking the root cause of their depression, at the same time ignoring one fundamental and very probable cause of their negative feelings - their diet.

A lot of hypoglycemics that are wrongly diagnosed as being manic depressive, they are frequently given really strong and powerful anti-depressants, when all that is required is a change in their diet for them to feel better. So diet is key to managing this type of depression, and by eliminating sugars, refined carbohydrates and other foods that induce havoc in their body chemistry, virtually all hypoglycemics will feel a positive quick change in their negative mind set.

But how can my diet make me depressed?

Numerous nutritionists and researchers have reasoned that over eating of the wrong kinds of foods will cause havoc on your body chemistry and among the side effects is depression. Sugars, and refined carbohydrates can give you a high, raising your mood temporarily. Nevertheless when the effects of these foods have worn away you will find your self feeling lower than earlier. Consume excessively and you will find yourself stuck in a vicious addictive circle. Are you saying that my diet is the cause all of my negative feelings of depression?

Whilst Hypoglycemia can stimulate depression I am not suggesting that everybody who experiences depression is actually hypoglycemic. Depression is a separate condition suffered by many people, and in a lot of cases prescribed medication might be what is required. Even so prior to embarking on any course of powerful anti-depressants, it is crucial that your diet is as fresh as possible, in order to get a precise idea of how much of your depression is connected to your Hypoglycemia.

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