Monday, May 20, 2013

Bipolar II Disorder - Four Signs You May Be Bipolar

Are you or someone you love suffering from bipolar disorder? Maybe you aren't sure of the signs and symptoms of manic depression, and don't know how to identify this illness. Millions of Americans currently suffer from bipolar disorder, and this number is growing every year as the stigma of mental illness begins to crumble. Here are three simple signs of this illness.


While everyone feels a little down sometimes, those with bipolar disorder have persistent feelings of sadness or guilt. These feelings will persist, even if they aren't realistic. For example, a person suffering from bipolar may be upset that they dropped an item, even if it was not a big deal.

Racing Thoughts

Do you have a hard time concentrating on one thing at a time? Do you quickly lose interest in one project and start many new ones? Especially in a state of hypomania, ideas may be flying around in your head, leaving you with the feeling that you can't accomplish everything. Unfortunately, many of these projects are grandiose and will never end up being completed.


While all of us have sexual feelings, in hypomania these feelings become exaggerated. They may cause a bipolar individual to cheat on their spouse, seek out prostitutes, or have anonymous unprotected sex with many anonymous partners. With hypomania, sexual satisfaction cannot be achieved, so one will become sexually frustrated, no matter how many times they achieve orgasm.

Lack of Energy

Everyone feels tired now and again, but in bipolar II, these feelings impair your daily life. You may have a hard time making it to work on time or feel like sleeping on the job. Playing with the kids or pursuing your hobbies can become uninteresting and taxing, eventually leading you to give up all of these activities, to the detriment of your well being and that of those around you.

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