Wednesday, May 22, 2013

3 Phases of a Broken Heart

Although common to everyone, having to deal with a break up of any sort will always be painful. Love can make you feel like you've got wings and you start to look at life through rose colored glasses but when it all comes to an end its like a terrible train wreck and it feels like you want to go jump off a bridge.

Being in love means putting yourself at risk for heart break and when that time comes the key to surviving is determined by how you will approach it. You can crawl in to bed and slip into a state of depression for a while or you can realize that you will go through 3 main stages of recovery before you're back on your feet and when you do this you'll be able to keep track of your progress and hopefully see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Phase One - Hurting
The Hurting phase is obviously the most painful one and this is the one that immediately follows the break up. There will be tears and depression and loads of self doubt and wondering how you'll be able to go on with life with out them. You'll probably do things that resemble a movie that you thought you'd never be the one to do like becoming a slightly obsessive psycho. Calling and texting way to much, driving by their house or job to see if they happen to be interacting with someone else. Ultimately you're a mess and there seems to be no hope.

Don't worry to much this is a natural process you just have to make sure to give yourself some time and try not to go completely off the deep end.

Phase Two - Get Even
As your heart begins to mend part of the process is that all of that pain that you felt will now being to turn to anger. Now you're going to feel like you want to inflict the same pain you've felt on the person that made you feel that way. You will start dating but your primary reason for doing so is not to move on yet but rather try to make your EX jealous and hope that it will hurt them. This is what is traditionally known as a rebound relationship and ultimately doesn't really benefit anyone except for helping you get through this phase.

Phase Three - Not Caring
You'll eventually come to a point where you'll begin to question what it was that you saw in your EX to begin with. And you'll convince yourself that you're glad that its over because they were holding you back and you're not even going to worry about them or what they've been up to because you're ready to move on.

The key to surviving all of this is to remember that it's a process and its not an easy one. There will always be another tomorrow and there are a lot of fish in the sea so keep your head up, track your progress as you go through these phases and chalk it up to experience.

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