Monday, May 20, 2013

Fitness, Diet and Rest For Those Over 40 to Combat Depression

Depression can be related to a situation you have experienced, like a job loss, death of a loved on, relationship issues, or simply the stress of trying to balance, work, home and family, and for those over 40 we tend to be at a point in our lives where there is a lot going on. Depression can also be a medical condition that seems to run in your family. Levels of depression can vary greatly. Some people may find themselves slowing down, constantly tired while another may be anxious, agitated and can't sleep much at all. From moments of sadness and feelings of helplessness to severe mood swings and complete withdrawal these are all very real issues. For those who are dealing with a mild depression there are steps that can be taken to help heal the body, mind and spirit including participating in a daily exercise routine. We typically associate being depressed with episodes of intense sadness that feel somewhat overpowering.

Other signs of depression may be a change in sleep patterns where you are sleeping more or not enough. You may find yourself eating mindlessly or are experiencing a loss in appetite. You feel that you can't focus well, and have lost interest, motivation and energy to perform your work, chores or be around family and friends. Perhaps impatient and irritable with a sense of helplessness may exist. Physical signs may include body, back and headaches. Many women over 40 may pass of the symptoms of as changes with hormones and menopause, which could be a contributor for sure but the symptoms should not be ignored. It is wise to consult a doctor when you are experiencing these problems and to aid the process in mild cases of depression the person needs to make some choices and deliberate changes in how they approach their lives. To do this, they need to eat well, limiting heavy starchy foods and carbohydrates. They should find a way to get some daily exercise going and force themselves to engage in the activity without fail. Make sure they are getting adequate rest and clearing their minds of negative thoughts and being more positive with their thinking. This change in the mindset is very hard, and it will be something the person will have to work hard at for a long time before the strength of the positive person inside comes out regularly as a habit.

Don't let someone suffer in a cycle of sadness, be a supportive family member or friend or if this is you ask someone to help you work toward changing the pattern of negative thinking. Certain months of the year it becomes even harder with the cold temperatures and grey skies. Soon the spring will follow and bright skies and green grass and flowers will help our moods. Seeing a doctor is always a good idea when you are concerned with your health and your mental health should be no exception. They will likely agree that good eating habits, a more regular sleep patter and of course, and exercise routine which can all be very effective to help combat the sadness that may be filling our lives. The fitness of your mind is very important!

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