Saturday, May 25, 2013

Depression - Warning Signs and Symptoms

Depression is a major disorder these days, according to statistics 16% of population in the US is depressed and these numbers are steadily rising, making it one of the main causes of other disabilities that accompany depression. It is predicted that by 2020 it will be the second major disorder. Depression is not a mere phase of feeling low and unhappy, it causes serious disruption in a person's day to day life affecting those around him as well. A person suffering from this horrible disease not only has disorderly mental behavior but is also affected physically taking their life totally off-track. Here are the symptoms of depression, but it is important to remember that experiencing these for a few days doesn't mean that someone is depressed, if these are witnessed for some time then only it's a cause of concern and medication is advised immediately.

Here are the major warning signs of depression:

1) Mood: A person suffering from depression is bound to feel low and unhappy, with a sheer feeling of emptiness and loss of motivation to go ahead with the regular day to day activities.
2) Withdrawal from interests and hobbies: Loss of interest in the activities otherwise found pleasurable is also a huge sign.
3) Agitated or Retarded behavior: Depressed people often show marked change in their general behavior, they either get easily perturbed or irritated or become slow and lethargic.
4) Change in sleep pattern: Insomnia might set in; some people also tend to feel sleepier and might sleep a lot more than they usually do.
5) Feelings of Guilt and dejection: People suffering from depression often feel worthless and unwanted, as if there are just burdening the people around them
6) Fatigue: This is one of the most glaring signs; there is a loss of energy as if the patient doesn't even have enough strength to go from day to day activities.
7) Loss of concentration: Patients are not able to concentrate on any activity and are often indecisive and unable to think, like everything is absolutely out of hand.
8) Suicidal thoughts: A depressed person might repeatedly get thoughts about death and ending their life. Living might get so burdensome for them that thoughts of death would bring solace; hence a patient should always be kept under strict observation.
9) Weight Changes: There might be a fluctuation in the body weight of a patient, gain or loss of 5% or more in a month is alarming.
10) Pains and aches: A depressed person might often have aches or pains without any explainable reason.

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