Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sign and Symptom of Severe Depression - How To Spot Them Fast

If you're uncertain whether of not you're suffering from depression you should check the way you are feeling against the sign and symptom of severe depression. Read on to find out more...

  • 1: Is it hereditary? Did you know that depression can be genetic? If depression runs in your family, there's a chance that you may also suffer from depression. People sometimes find it hard to to discuss their experiences of depression and how it has effected their lives. It may be difficult for you to talk to your family members at first about this, but it may go some way to helping you understand the way you're feeling.

  • < are you showing the classic symptoms of depression can severely affect your health as well state mind have noticed any sudden weight loss or gain this often most visible effects be sure to try and maintain a healthy diet at all times particularly avoiding fast food tv dinners many sufferers let themselves go when they badly depressed stop taking pride in their appearance tend not leave house unless necessary avoid social interaction may feel like staying bed day but it won help get up dressed some fresh air will make better>
  • 3: Do you have a support network? If you're feeling low, you must tell someone. It won't help if you try and face depression alone. Be sure to tell someone how you've been feeling and never be afraid to ask them for help. It's important for you to build a support network of friends and family members who'll be there for you when you're at your lowest point.

  • 4: Do you need professional help? If you have been suffering from any of the symptoms above for more than two weeks it's essential that your visit your doctor. If you're suffering from depression it's very important to get diagnosed, and in more serious cases get professional help.

Remember... don't ever try and deal with depression alone. For more information on the sign and symptom of severe depression click on the links below.

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