Thursday, May 22, 2014

Divorce For Men, Speak to the Anger, Avoid That Testosterone Moment

Divorce for men can be all uphill. If you are involved in divorce the feelings that come out from this can be so intense that you may feel like you are about to be emasculated. At that time, many men lash out in anger - they have a testosterone moment and divorce rage erupts.

This anger could range from throwing the new flat-screen TV through the window, to taking a ball bat to the car headlights so she can't leave, taking a friend with you to push your way into her new apartment to get some things straight, to a black eye, and other such inappropriate behavior. The thing is this type of behavior is just what she needs to in essence emasculate you in a legal way by having you arrested and humiliating you in court. If there is ever a time that you need to rein in emotions and testosterone reactions it is in a divorce situation when you are feeling the most burdened down, the most like you want to do something. The something you must do is control the emotions, but how?

I've talked previously about finding power phrases to keep you centered and help you avoid depression, the same kind of response can handle this. The most common way of describing this activity is self-talk.

What kinds of things do you say to yourself?

Most of us have a more or less constant conversations going on with ourselves. We get a break when we are asleep, at a movie, a concert, or other entertainment. It lessens when we are at work or otherwise concentrating and yet it is there. The voices that come up occasionally are new thoughts or inspiration but for most these kinds of thoughts are blocked by the negative voices within. Perhaps by expressions we heard from our families, or from being called names when we were young. Worst of all is our own voices of condemnation when we have failed at something, or didn't approach a person we were interested in, or take the deal we should have taken because we were afraid.

Some silence those voices by destructive behavior, others can't get past it and don't sleep well, and many other less than useful ways. If you are involved in divorce perhaps the voices condemn you for your failings in the relationship, maybe you become the last guy, or last woman that anyone would ever want and all is lost.

When these conversations in your head erupt you need to be ready to answer? You don't even have to believe these answers when you start as long as they convey a positive message and a positive answer for you. You will come to believe them and come to take positive action on them. Your homework for this article is consider what you want post-divorce and find some dialog to answer the negatives with. Get a motivational quotes book and pull some quotes out that speak to you and have them ready to add to and control this inner dialog with.

So when you are about to take a ball bat to her car or throw the TV out the window have an answer ready - you do not have to act in an insane way that will entrap you, you don't have to act in a way that will figuratively emasculate you at the end of the divorce.

You need to learn the words to say to yourself to rein things in and put yourself in control. You can take control of yourself and your divorce. This doesn't mean that everything that happens will be exactly to your liking, but if you take charge of yourself, your life, and your divorce you can get an outcome that you will like.

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