Friday, May 23, 2014

Always Feel Depressed - 3 Reasons Why You're Depressed

Do you get that feeling that you are always depressed yet you don't know why? This article will touch on 3 reasons why you're depressed. Depression can be a state of mind for most people, yet they do not realize that depression can also be a physical or a nutritional imbalance. Granted a hectic lifestyle filled with stress and strife can indeed trigger depression, but so can a prolonged physical illness and so does a lack of proper nutrients in one's body.

As stated above there are three reasons to explain why you feel depressed they are as follows:

Number 1: Overgrowth of Candida

This particular problem is considered a fungal infection which can cause a high level of toxins in the body; this creates a problem as it can trigger depression and anxiety within a person. Unfortunately this type of infection is overlooked when diagnosing a reason for a person developing depression. By eliminating the fungal infection, or candida in one's body a person can restore health and vitality to their lives; seeing a difference within a week's time.

Number 2: Deficit of Dietary Nutrients

A deficit of the proper nutrients in one's diet can trigger depression in a person, this can include both mineral and vitamin deficiencies. When a person's body lacks the proper balance of vitamins and minerals their natural immune system begins to lower opening the door for other possible health issues; this can happen when there is not enough of these nutrients in someone's daily eating habits or when their bodies are not properly absorbing them from the foods they eat. By increasing the amount of minerals and vitamins one ingests during the day, they should begin to feel and see changes in their overall health.

Number 3: Imbalance in Hormones

An imbalance of the hormones in one's body can lead to depression and other possible health issues; this imbalance can be triggered by a number of different things, such as traumatic injuries that have not healed properly, prolonged or chronic illnesses, an increase in daily stress levels, and poor eating habits without regular exercise. When this imbalance happens the adrenal glands, such as thyroid, tends to get off balanced creating a decrease in adrenaline and cortisol production creating a sluggish and tired feeling.

When it comes to depression, these 3 reasons need to be considered along with the advice of a medical professional; depression is a serious illness that should not be taken lightly and should be monitored at all times. The best way to rule out the above mentioned three reasons is to adopt a better and more nutritious and healthy eating habit and to add in a daily routine of exercises. Once these three causes are eliminated from the body, a person will begin to feel better and have more energy to cruise throughout their daily lives.

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