Monday, May 19, 2014

Panic Attacks, Depression Harm Your Mind And Body

A study examined the medical histories of nearly 40,000 people who were diagnosed as suffering from panic disorder.

It found that those who suffer from panic disorder are at almost double the risk for coronary heart disease, and those who suffer from depression as well are at nearly three times the risk.

Panic disorder is a syndrome characterized by repeated episodes of intense fear. These episodes are accompanied by physical symptoms, which can include chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, and abdominal distress. Roughly 2.4 million Americans experience panic attacks each year.

The way in which coronary heart disease is triggered by panic attacks is unknown. However, some stress responses to depression already have been shown to increase the risk of coronary heart disease.

Science Blog September 22, 2005

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

This should comes as nosurprise considering what a major role negative emotions play in your body's healing process. The connection betweenyour mind and yourbody is strong and well-documented by a literalmountain of scientific research; healing your mind is a crucial step in keeping your body healthy.

Unfortunately, most doctors, when faced with a patient who suffers from panic disorder or depression, will reflexively resort to prescribing potentially toxic medications as a form of treatment, even though they don't provide any meaningful benefit. This is laregely related to the incredibly effective "brain washing" influence that the drug companies have over their educational intervention.

How can Imake such a bold statement?

Easy, I was one of the brain washed doctors. I went into medical school fully believing in the power of your body to heal naturally and I came out a drug prescribing doctor. I think I must have but several thousand patients on antidepressants in the first few years of my practice alone. Seemed like every other patient was walking out the door with a script for Prozac or Wellbutrin.

But fortunately I finally woke up one day and began to understand that there were far more effective options that actually addressed the underlying cause of the disease.

One of my absolute favoritestreatments that can make all the difference to your health and help you deal with panic attacks or depression is the Emotional Freedom Technique, the energy psychology tool I use daily in my practice. It is particularly effective for panic attacks.

Another wonderful tool you can use is meditation. Some people use it to promote spiritual growth or find inner peace, while others use it as a relaxation and stress-reduction tool.

Panic and anxiety disorders can be debilitating and severely affect your ability to perform everyday tasks. They can also, in addition,put you at risk for a variety of physical health problems. Resolve your emotional stresses, and both your mind and your body will experience the benefits.

Another excellent meditation tool is the Insight CD, which Inow recommend to allto many of mypatients. The Insight CD is a complete tool dedicated to helping you reduce stress, explore expanded states of consciousness, and achieve deeper levels of self-awareness.

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